QOTD: Who's your favorite bookish gang/group to read about?
I just love reading about the Inner Circle and the crazy dynamic between them all 😂I h... - Natasha 💕 (@famished4fiction)
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🌟 N A T H A L I E (@booksandsparkles)
booksandsparkles20.09.2017 03:58:29

The Harry Potter Trio! I really wish there would be more books in story-format. Like, not a script. Haha!

Maria Elena (@_mauy)
_mauy20.09.2017 12:03:30

The Inner Circle!

Chiara • 🇮🇹 • Dragon Mama 🐲 (@harleyisreading)
harleyisreading20.09.2017 16:27:00

These ones! 😍

Natasha 💕 (@famished4fiction)
famished4fiction20.09.2017 17:00:57

@booksandsparkles  I totally agree! They're one of my original trios 😍

Natasha 💕 (@famished4fiction)
famished4fiction20.09.2017 17:01:21

@_mauy  They definitely have some of my favorite dynamics 😂

Natasha 💕 (@famished4fiction)
famished4fiction20.09.2017 17:01:31

@harleyisreading  They are amazing 😊❤️

Lynn Colson (@faerietalefiction)
faerietalefiction21.09.2017 09:15:13

the golden + silver trio ❤ (basically anyone from HP)

Natasha 💕 (@famished4fiction)
famished4fiction21.09.2017 14:38:58

@faerietalefiction  HP set the standards for amazing groups 😊❤️

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