¡Hola from the Trujillo, Spain!
I’ve spent the last week exploring the highlights of the Extremadura region of Spain. This is a region which is rich - Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere)
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Calogero Pagano (@rinopagano.it)
rinopagano.it04.12.2018 19:20:29

Great shot!!!!!

Shanaya ..... (@devil_ki_evil_crazy_soul)
devil_ki_evil_crazy_soul04.12.2018 11:55:41

Winter view vth & historic statue ...❤️👌👌 worth it....

Carlos Guillemin (@carlosguillemin)
carlosguillemin04.12.2018 03:25:25


annie fitzsimmons (@anniefitzsimmons)
anniefitzsimmons04.12.2018 01:48:29

This is an incredible photo.

James Blick 🎥 Spain Revealed (@jamesblickspain)
jamesblickspain03.12.2018 21:36:53

Gorgeous pic of a beautiful city! Extremadura is so underrated

Jeanmarie Kaehler (@jeanmarie.kaehler)
jeanmarie.kaehler03.12.2018 19:09:55

History lives!

vagabrothers (@vagabrothers)
vagabrothers03.12.2018 13:41:21


winston bharat (@wbharatphoto)
wbharatphoto03.12.2018 09:00:30

Whoa, the scale in this image. Awesome shot

Almu (@almu_mumu)
almu_mumu03.12.2018 08:28:34

You must visit Olivenza!

WonderBrow (@wonderbrow.be)
wonderbrow.be03.12.2018 07:29:15

Love your profile!

Josh DeLucia (@jdel94)
jdel9403.12.2018 00:35:27

Wow, that's a great photo! The slight fog makes it even better with the statue popping out even more

Cody Ayers (@ayersintheair)
ayersintheair02.12.2018 20:32:11

@everythingeverywhere  That statue is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful capture, Gary!

Marg Gauley (@marginsaskatoon)
marginsaskatoon02.12.2018 20:14:45

Beautiful photo! 😊

Samuel G (@sgodoyb)
sgodoyb02.12.2018 19:55:27

If you can, go to merida. And alcántara roman bridge is a must to see, even you can see a roman metal door working today!

Daniel Nahabedian (@canvasoflight)
canvasoflight02.12.2018 18:24:44

Been to Granada yet? If you do, let me know 😊

Sherry Stanley Friesen (@sherry.friesen)
sherry.friesen02.12.2018 17:08:55

What a great adventure, Gary. Looking forward to seeing more amazing photos like this beauty.

michael.hansmann02.12.2018 16:56:19

Love the mist!👍

Fadli Mustamin (@averagefadli)
averagefadli02.12.2018 16:35:19

Oh my God, this is picture is breathtaking 🔥🔥🙌🙌 pls keep posting your story

MEGA (@megatraveladventures)
megatraveladventures02.12.2018 16:34:52


Marine (@isthatabluerabbit)
isthatabluerabbit03.12.2018 17:51:37

Je connais cette ville mais n’y suis jamais allée @corsteuve 

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