🌎💔🇺🇸 Last week, a bill was signed into law in Georgia that is a near-total ban on abortion. This marks the fourth “heartbeat” law to be passed in the - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)
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Lucía (@lucatalan1)
lucatalan120.08.2019 22:54:26

We're becoming more and more! 💓✊

Frhan Khan (@frhan.khan.378)
frhan.khan.37820.08.2019 23:54:12


Alexandrea ♡ (@tournadoali)
tournadoali21.08.2019 02:12:13


RYU (@lilryu_)
lilryu_21.08.2019 02:32:31

Tu veux m’epouser ?

Melissa W Koller (@melissawkoller)
melissawkoller21.08.2019 03:36:40

I enjoy your movies. However, as you are a British citizen your opinion and voice in American law and states in which you do not reside or own property is irrelevant and unwelcome.

🦋elina🦋 (@elina.j.m2007)
elina.j.m200721.08.2019 07:24:54

be happy always😍🌹❤️

Willi_mdi (@willi_mdi)
willi_mdi21.08.2019 09:10:31

❤️❤️👑👑💎💎just you

escape_25z21.08.2019 09:34:01

ti amo

Shaikh Adil (@iam_adil10)
iam_adil1021.08.2019 10:16:47


Scott O'Connor (@skiveriff_foc)
skiveriff_foc21.08.2019 10:44:12

Kapai 🔥🎩🔥

sk19871125 (@sk19871125)
sk1987112521.08.2019 11:57:43


✈🏝🏕🌏🥳👫❤ (@waanii_bliss)
waanii_bliss21.08.2019 12:28:13


🔵شیخ سمیر🔵 (@_sameer_sk_98)
_sameer_sk_9821.08.2019 12:35:53


🔵شیخ سمیر🔵 (@_sameer_sk_98)
_sameer_sk_9821.08.2019 12:35:56


Aditya Rawat (@aditya_rwt_)
aditya_rwt_21.08.2019 13:07:58

Love you emma😍 from india❤️

Aseem Shaikh (@aseem313)
aseem31321.08.2019 18:49:37


Yanes Rikhan.K (@yanes.rikhan)
yanes.rikhan22.08.2019 02:18:06


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