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ℒᎯ ℒᎯ (@lala)
lala10.05.2019 17:48:45

Album is incredible ❤️❤️❤️love & very proud of u❤️❤️

Salvo Nicosia (@thebeardedpublicist)
thebeardedpublicist10.05.2019 18:47:50

Goose palm 🤩👏🏼

De'Terrion TooReal Corneal (@dhatniggahdc_92)
dhatniggahdc_9210.05.2019 16:46:58

Man ci I didn’t expect to be so emotional today... but these are tears of joy.. been a fan since the start and you’ve grown into this amazing woman mother artist and true inspiration.. u truly embody what a real woman is.. you always remained true to you and stood for what you believed in and that inspires us soooo much.. This moment is such a huge deal for u and us.. we in this together ci and u are making us proud.. We got you forever Ci 💙💙❤️

LaTanya Wright (@seankord)
seankord10.05.2019 16:46:18

I lost it at "where's my baby sister!"😭

Big Freedia (@bigfreedia)
bigfreedia10.05.2019 16:56:00

Love it ❤️😍

safiyadiva10.05.2019 16:45:08

This video had me in tears! You deserve everything Ci!

JALEN NELSON (@_lickmyfashion_)
_lickmyfashion_10.05.2019 17:28:57

I just seen this video on YouTube and let me tell you Ciara you have grown entirely. Spiritually, mentally, physically, just everything. You are married, you have 2 kids, you have your own company, you are flourishing magnificently and being a fan for 15 years it’s so so amazing to see you excel. Beauty marks is amazing, you delivered and I’m extremely happy. This video had me in tears man, speechless.😩❤️

Chris Jackson (@chris.period)
chris.period10.05.2019 16:46:01

This is one of the best things I have EVER SEEN IN MY 29 YEARS OF LIVING !!!!

Toya (@zazi_z)
zazi_z10.05.2019 17:22:23

Listen... I cried my eyes out. Do you hear me!? My lord! 😭😥

Joshua Damon 🇧🇸🇨🇴 (@josuedamon)
josuedamon10.05.2019 16:44:25


russciarawilson10.05.2019 16:49:10

WHEW 😩😰 just watched the video!!! thanks for sharing such a special time in your life very touching 😥 love you 💖

Keyonna  Brown (@k_lovelybrown)
k_lovelybrown10.05.2019 16:46:41

Trust Myself been on repeat since 12 midnight

McClure Twins - Ava & Alexis (@mccluretwins)
mccluretwins10.05.2019 17:46:46


Art/Sarah (@haysar2)
haysar210.05.2019 16:49:39

Most heartfelt video EVER!!! It had me crying, continue to level up now Ciara!!!!!

Jooeeyyyy! 🙃 (@ayyee_slim)
ayyee_slim10.05.2019 16:49:19

Can you unblock me on Twitter?

Tiarsha Tiffany (@tiarsha_tiffany)
tiarsha_tiffany10.05.2019 16:49:47

Just finished watching the video. Omg it was amazing. You’re journey and love story is truly heaven sent. Continue to shine queen! 💙

cicinthecut10.05.2019 16:55:55

Woman . You been having me cry since The View . Stoppppp😭😭😭😩😩

Quanda (@mysquanda)
mysquanda10.05.2019 16:45:58

The best video ever 💖!! We appreciate you for sharing & being real. #Csquad  got your back 😭. Very well directed too! Let’s get this win for Beauty Marks!!

Devon Blackshear 🇭🇹 (@dangdevon)
dangdevon10.05.2019 16:43:50

No cap, I got choked up 🗣

Lauren (@l0la3)
l0la310.05.2019 16:55:14

I just watched the video on youtube and I want to know who in my office is chopping onions right now! Lol😭

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