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Jabbar Hakeem (@jabbarhakeem)
jabbarhakeem12.04.2019 17:51:08

Princess Royalty! 🙏🏾💯

Milano Di Rouge (@milanodirouge)
milanodirouge12.04.2019 18:13:49


AzMarie Livingston (@azmarieofficial)
azmarieofficial13.04.2019 07:16:40

Flyyyy like her papa bear 💙

Carolina Gonzalez (@cgonzalezbeauty)
cgonzalezbeauty13.04.2019 02:13:26

Sooo pretty

Jessica Dykstra (@shes_gorjess)
shes_gorjess13.04.2019 00:28:09

So perfect 💕

Sulem Calderon (@sulemcalderon)
sulemcalderon13.04.2019 08:56:37

❤️❤️❤️ Awwwww

ghettotalez12.04.2019 17:53:50

That first picture is ALL you. The stance. The face. Whew chilé. We really don’t know a Nia.

Milano Di Rouge (@iammilanrouge)
iammilanrouge12.04.2019 17:50:03

Royalty ❤️❤️

Shareese Lowe (@shareeselowe)
shareeselowe12.04.2019 17:49:54

Grab ya shotgun lol..shes a doll baby!

Ary (@aryandavenport)
aryandavenport12.04.2019 17:52:26

Your Twin😍

LaSheena Lyles (@shee_na_e)
shee_na_e12.04.2019 17:49:40

Awww!! She's getting so big!! ⌚🛫

Shaheem Royal 👑 (@shaheem)
shaheem12.04.2019 17:52:26

My daughter next Chris 🔥 this fye

tsnmi_nicole12.04.2019 17:49:46

My stepdaughter 😩

Davianna jackson (@cr8zy_girl101)
cr8zy_girl10112.04.2019 17:49:49

Aww she growing up to quickkk

EverybodyKnowsLo (@everybodyknowslo)
everybodyknowslo12.04.2019 18:12:38

She’s a star already bro 🙌🏽

shy_girl8612.04.2019 17:49:42

sooooo beautiful !!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Genecei (@genecei)
genecei12.04.2019 17:53:46

She’s getting so big man ❤️

TIMOR STEFFENS (@timorworld)
timorworld12.04.2019 18:31:36

Soo pretty brooo❤️❤️🔥

🧬 INDIGO (🔙 2 ♥️) (@indigobhris)
indigobhris12.04.2019 17:47:46

She’s a beautiful reflection of you, Chris 💕🌈

stranger danger 🧸 (@breezylitstopher)
breezylitstopher12.04.2019 17:49:42

She’s so cuteee 😍🥰

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