Spring is in the air. Hit the road. #ChevyEquinox - chevrolet (@chevrolet)
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Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings)
whitneycummings09.04.2019 05:44:39

So y’all sponsor events where pigs fight dogs? Are you insane?

Holly (@holly_aldersley)
holly_aldersley07.04.2019 05:41:48

You're disgraceful for sponsoring the El Purro Muerto event. Sponsoring & supporting animal crulty 👎🏼

Natania Ruth (@nataniaruthart)
nataniaruthart08.04.2019 19:36:33

You should be ashamed of yourselfs, your a car company not associated with killing animals

Diana Aranda (@kittydiana_vegangirl)
kittydiana_vegangirl08.04.2019 02:28:01

Lets create awareness sharing this with the national news about this corporation support animal cruelty.

Jocelyn Chadwick (@jocelynchadwick)
jocelynchadwick07.04.2019 14:14:39

I’m disgusted you would sponsor an animal cruelty event..... dog fights? Will never allow anyone I know to buy a chevrolet

mehdi_hazard05.04.2019 16:17:10

cheverlet is a rubbish😂😂😂😂

Nicole Zyana (@nicolezyana)
nicolezyana09.04.2019 07:07:58

Why are you sponsoring an event that abuses animals? #neverchevy 

Rachel O (@rchlsbrn)
rchlsbrn09.04.2019 07:05:31

Why does Chevrolet support dog fighting animals???

S U Z (@summitseekersuz)
summitseekersuz09.04.2019 14:00:31

I’m utterly disgusted hearing about this corporation supporting animal cruelty. Do something about it.

Cara Sweeney (@cara_cruse)
cara_cruse09.04.2019 17:34:56

Why do you sponsor a sport called #hogbaying  where dogs are forced to fight board? 🐕 ❤️ 🐗

Lisa Oneill (@lisaoneill71)
lisaoneill7109.04.2019 06:34:17

What’s with encouraging dogs to fight?? Are we still in the 1800s??

Kari Trump (@ohitsalwayskaritrump__)
ohitsalwayskaritrump__07.04.2019 17:48:46

Shame you on you Chevrolet for sponsoring this event!

CASI (@casiana.guanacaste)
casiana.guanacaste07.04.2019 14:01:29

Sponsoring animal cruelty . "Perro Muerto" Event. Puaj. U check ypurselves

BOHLING (@bohing412)
bohing41207.04.2019 10:24:07

Remember when everyone had mullets and drove 3rd gen Camaros? Pepperidge farms remembers

💒 (@maaanonpv)
maaanonpv07.04.2019 07:14:16

Stop supporting animal cruelty

Cam Long (@camlongexposure)
camlongexposure09.04.2019 19:15:08

#BoycottChevy  #ChevySponsorsAnimalCruelty  ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. No dog OR boar deserves to be forced to fight. Everyone should know that you sponsor this vile event.

Jeremy (@jeremy.corrado)
jeremy.corrado05.04.2019 20:46:57

Give me that car. From the back view it looks absolutely gorgeous.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Samelchami ♥ (@sam.chami117)
sam.chami11705.04.2019 16:16:37

I want the car

aaleks6905.04.2019 16:15:31

Give me the car

Alexandria (@al_ex_ct)
al_ex_ct09.04.2019 19:07:38

#BoycottChevy  #ChevySponsorsAnimalCruelty  ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING

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