I’m making these swinging chairs for my dirt track. They are so simple it’s a forehead smack that i haven’t thought of something like this. 🤦🏻‍♂️ than - Channing Tatum (@channingtatum)
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Nicola Kirk (@saleschicknic)
saleschicknic11.05.2019 21:22:47

Uhhh ‘good sir’ ?! How do you know it wasn’t a ‘good lady’ 🧐🧐

Halle Berry (@halleberry)
halleberry11.05.2019 16:56:31


King Gvpsv (@mehcadbrooks)
mehcadbrooks16.05.2019 03:00:37

The last line has me 😂😂😂😂

Jackie 🍑 (@jackiesmackie13)
jackiesmackie1311.05.2019 17:07:58

Yeah the Democratic side needs a lot of fixing and less whining. They haven’t done shit but waste 2yrs of tax payers money, and have yet to do anything for anyone other than themselves.

Gina🌹 (@ginarose74)
ginarose7411.05.2019 17:00:56

Political system is being fixed as we speak. Nice chairs 👍🏼

Eddie & Kim (@ourcomofarmhouse)
ourcomofarmhouse11.05.2019 17:10:37

#trumpsupporter  🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sarah Jane (@queenpolish37)
queenpolish3711.05.2019 17:27:38

Wtf does politics have to do with it. Omfg smh

🆂🅸🅻🆅🅸🅰 ... 🅼🅾🆁🅴🅽🅾 (@sil_moren)
sil_moren13.05.2019 21:36:49


pierre (@spiiridon)
spiiridon14.05.2019 20:18:39

My nam jef

Lisbeth Llanos (@lislldv)
lislldv16.05.2019 15:32:33


⏺⏹⏸⏩Paid Duez Y.E 💧 (@paidduezofficial)
paidduezofficial14.05.2019 15:01:26


merlin angélique (@merlinangelique)
merlinangelique13.05.2019 19:30:18

Bonjour tu et trop beaux

M I S S A L I S O N (@alibd2d)
alibd2d13.05.2019 11:51:58

Could you please come to our girls pamper weekend next month? Lol 😂🤣

Mere (Meredith) (@mere77t)
mere77t13.05.2019 11:02:36


AmyJo (@amyjolovely)
amyjolovely11.05.2019 16:52:44

Unfortunately politics dont come as easy as chairs to most people. Politicians will keep sitting in them though, on there asses doing nothing, arguing to get richer faster. Wish anything could help us fix it. Those chairs are pretty great tho. 👌

Maria Eduarda Santana (@eduarda_santana90)
eduarda_santana9015.05.2019 08:34:22

É muito meu amor ai😍😍

اميركا (معشوقة جماهيرها🇺🇸) (@amircano_cristiano)
amircano_cristiano15.05.2019 07:12:41


nxyekws16.05.2019 16:18:36

No new photo.. This guy indeed fucks a loot 😂😢😢😢

ctfcmom (@ctfcmom)
ctfcmom14.05.2019 18:53:23

Please come home for a visit. You need to meet the new one. Love you 💙😇

Jennifer Davis (@jennylynny77)
jennylynny7711.05.2019 17:56:55

I think we are already working on that love

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