The nickname ‘Big Ben’ is often used for the iconic clock tower which stands at the north end of the Houses of Parliament, but it was first given to t - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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historical items (@historicalitems)
historicalitems01.06.2019 18:03:10

please follow my history page i need exposure😢

Michael (@michaelcbullen)
michaelcbullen01.06.2019 19:31:43

Why was it necessary to rename the tower after the Queen? Hasn't she got enough named after her? Wasn't it St Stephen's Tower? After the dedication of the chapel in the medieval palace? We're not all Royalists- this is the seat of our democracy after all

GOOD BOOK. (@good_book_to_read_english)
good_book_to_read_english01.06.2019 19:34:35


samib42701.06.2019 20:35:26

Nice! @britishmuseum 

Lol Who Cares (@insert_coin_to_invade_france)
insert_coin_to_invade_france02.06.2019 00:20:27

Someone's still gonna find away to spin this into a case of stolen history...

#ShaneseShotIt (@rawvisualart)
rawvisualart02.06.2019 02:46:06

Let’s organize a protest at her next appearance in honor of the #centralpark5  #juneteenth  @lindafairstein  needs to be held accountable

Hayley Jones 🌙 (@hayj03)
hayj0302.06.2019 04:28:59

@hmesa  a little londy trivia for ya

Nicole Höchst MdB (@hoechstnicole)
hoechstnicole02.06.2019 05:38:17

So very sophisticated.

Cabiria Art Gallery - Italy (@cabiriagallery)
cabiriagallery02.06.2019 08:30:50

✨ ✨❤ ✨ ✨

Lori Feilen- North Fork RE (@lorifeilen)
lorifeilen02.06.2019 15:16:02


California Art (@john.herkert)
john.herkert02.06.2019 21:14:32


A➕ (@yougetanaplus)
yougetanaplus03.06.2019 08:33:02


Crown Buick GMC (@crownbuickgmc)
crownbuickgmc03.06.2019 23:53:28

Hope you have a phenomenal day! 😊

valeria montoya (@valumont17)
valumont1706.06.2019 03:29:53


Hera-Elite (@hera_elite)
hera_elite07.06.2019 12:15:55


Tamara Pereira (@tamaraps32)
tamaraps3207.06.2019 14:50:27


Fed My Ex (@kermit_e_frog2019)
kermit_e_frog201917.07.2019 16:02:05


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