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As President, I leaned on @ambsusanrice’s experience, expertise, and willingness to tell me what I needed to hear. In her memoir, Tough Love, you’ll s - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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35th 🚂 (@therealbrenson35th)
therealbrenson35th08.10.2019 13:53:28

‪I wish i didnt have to do this but this all i have right now , ima 16 year old rapper from Florida 🐊i dropped outta school to chase my dream , it would be a blessing if somebody check out and give feedback on my newest song THANK YOU 🙏🏾❤️

Kyle Rabuck (@rabuckkyle)
rabuckkyle08.10.2019 13:54:59

America misses you Sir

Melly Monroe (@immellymonroe)
immellymonroe08.10.2019 13:54:53

We still miss you in the White House! You’re still our president!

roshpolitics08.10.2019 13:54:52

Wow. So breathtaking. Just like my recent. Follow mw

Peni Alpiani., SH (@penialpiani02)
penialpiani0208.10.2019 13:55:00

God bless you😘🙏😇

Jeff Byrd (@jeffbyrd)
jeffbyrd08.10.2019 13:55:03

You are a man/president for all to admire. Much love to you and your family.

👸🏼 와휴니 뭋탈 (@m.whyuni)
m.whyuni08.10.2019 13:55:02


zhila erfani (@zhilaerfani66)
zhilaerfani6608.10.2019 13:55:08


Nathalee Rivera (@natmriv)
natmriv08.10.2019 13:54:44

I love you!!!

✨Patrícia Andrade✨ (@patriciaandrade1973)
patriciaandrade197308.10.2019 13:54:42


Manu Roy (@m_anu__aj)
m_anu__aj08.10.2019 13:54:34


Kana‪‎☺︎* (@hardstyle_kana134a)
hardstyle_kana134a08.10.2019 13:54:44


/_/ (@majinziz_)
majinziz_08.10.2019 13:54:37

I love Obama

armanspamaccount2.008.10.2019 13:54:41


Phillip Shaka (@phshaka)
phshaka08.10.2019 13:54:38

You are the biggest and best inspiration in my life stay blessed

Middle Eastern Soda (@middleeasternsoda)
middleeasternsoda08.10.2019 13:54:34

Hey guys. Hope you’re having a good day 🙏🏽 I’m a young and upcoming artist and producer (not a rapper). If you could simply like my comment so more people can notice me, that would mean the world to me. Thank you ♥️♥️

Stephanie Chavez | Traveler (@mytraveldiariess)
mytraveldiariess08.10.2019 13:55:13


Daniel Mann (@mannofdistinction)
mannofdistinction08.10.2019 13:55:21

My president

ANKIT DAS (@ankitdas07)
ankitdas0708.10.2019 13:55:44

What's Obama's last name?

🤡🏩alena (@alcnawells)
alcnawells08.10.2019 13:55:42

what’s your last name?

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