Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s easy, on a day like this, to reflect at something of a distance. The photos are grainy now, dusty artifacts f - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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laur (@yolaurr)
yolaurr02.05.2019 19:07:22

i love you so much mr president

Hassen. V (@hosamelhameed)
hosamelhameed02.05.2019 19:11:44

I miss having a classy president like Obama!

Renu Chiruvolu (@reins1224)
reins122402.05.2019 19:09:15

Well said as always. This is how a true leader with intelligence and morals guides a lost nation.

ohyousoare02.05.2019 19:07:55

Why can’t you be president forever

Jan-Luca (@janlucaross)
janlucaross02.05.2019 19:07:50

Best President ever.

Anthony (@anthony_dagosto95)
anthony_dagosto9502.05.2019 19:08:04

Incoming “that’s my president” comments. Obama a legend tho

Monica Meza (@im_monica_.meza)
im_monica_.meza02.05.2019 19:09:55

You will always be my President, sir.

freddie (@wilfridgeorgekirbyclarke)
wilfridgeorgekirbyclarke02.05.2019 19:07:52

And it's sad how many people think this is a hoax, or over emphasised.

Mats med ett stort m (@matshartull)
matshartull02.05.2019 19:15:07

I am going to assume Trump held a speech on the rememberence and said there where very fine people on both sides..

Johanna (@johanna.arriaga)
johanna.arriaga02.05.2019 19:14:56

Simply inspirationally, you and Mrs Obama are an example for everyone to follow

👑big head lil king👑 (@kingdjaxon)
kingdjaxon02.05.2019 19:07:50

This is why you're the greatest 🙌🙌👏

PNW’s Favorite 🖤 | Music (@arad.ig)
arad.ig02.05.2019 19:06:51

Come back !!!

Kuldeep Prajapati (@kuldeepprajapati)
kuldeepprajapati03.05.2019 05:30:18

Great people looks like you see your face in mirror sir 😍👍👌🙌

Aaron Levine (@imfromottawa)
imfromottawa02.05.2019 19:13:37

Thank you for your thoughtful elegance in speaking about such a heavy & heartbreaking subject and in relating this to our current discourse today!

B SHRIMANT... (@_masterpiece_8_)
_masterpiece_8_05.05.2019 08:29:49


kate aufses oldfield 🖤 (@k.a.o.810)
k.a.o.81002.05.2019 19:13:05

Thank you for being so intelligent, thoughtful, and kind-hearted. We miss you!

Nigel Dot London (@nigeldotlondon)
nigeldotlondon02.05.2019 19:09:34

Once again, you have the words for the occasion. We just need to provide the will with our deeds in our everyday lives, and, just as importantly, our votes!

Nick Pritchard (@spamnicktp)
spamnicktp02.05.2019 19:07:55

I just want peace!

wolfgangsauer (@eternalhare)
eternalhare02.05.2019 19:13:52

As a german Born in 1958 i'm allways aware of the first signs wenn politcs starts going the wrong direction! Thank you for your way, Sir.

Lisa L ( 19:13:31

You are so kind and so spot on with everything you say! The state of this country today is heartbreaking. I wish you were still our who actually leads by example and encourages kindness, inclusiveness, and education. Miss you everyday!!

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