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J Warren Lunne (@jwlunne)
jwlunne10.04.2019 14:51:46

We miss you!

Cool Mom101 (@_ctr1ls)
_ctr1ls10.04.2019 14:53:33

Miss the No Drama Obama Era.

Why? (@thereasongodleftus)
thereasongodleftus10.04.2019 14:53:20

Am I the only one hearing his voice as I read this?

Refinery29 (@refinery29)
refinery2910.04.2019 14:56:53


Slt Les Putes Ksspss (@_just.amanda)
_just.amanda10.04.2019 14:57:29


Nana Kojo (@nana_kojo48)
nana_kojo4810.04.2019 14:51:45

The Greatest Man on earth🙏🏿🙏🏿

Lisa (@lizmari03)
lizmari0310.04.2019 14:53:35

I love you, Mr. President. ❤️

Lance Johnston 🇺🇸 (@lanceposts)
lanceposts10.04.2019 14:50:50


Mel (멜) (@its.melloknee)
its.melloknee10.04.2019 14:53:21

We didn’t deserve you 😭😭💖💖

T o l u w a n i (@awildtolu)
awildtolu10.04.2019 14:51:43

Mr. Obama, my mom said you could come over this weekend. Please bring go go squeezes so that we can have snacks while we play the we. Thank you

beautifullyhiz8510.04.2019 14:57:29

I miss you Mr. President the only one in my eyes who truly touched soooo many lives both young and old..races.. backgrounds...the whole entire world. My 8yr old knows who you are and she even says she misses you😭 i get sooooo defensive too when people blame you for thier mess..😒

David (@candyman1987)
candyman198710.04.2019 15:19:22

All talk. No action.

misskelley1andonly (@misskelley1andonly)
misskelley1andonly10.04.2019 15:04:53

There’s my #1  President always will be. A great man of Honor, Dignity, Respect. Love for ALL people no what COLOR, or what they stood for. God Bless this man & his awesome family. A man of Greatness; it is and would be a true Honor & a Blessing to stand in your presence. Thank you for All you did & accomplished!!!!

Waleska Cox (@waleska.cox)
waleska.cox10.04.2019 14:53:52

Blessed, My President Obama 😍🙏

Kathy (@arlorules)
arlorules10.04.2019 14:53:17

You’re the Bomb Barack! Thanks for being You!

Paul Miller  ⚔🛡 (@gypsy_crusader88)
gypsy_crusader8810.04.2019 19:25:07

How does it feel to know the new attorney general said you spied on president Trump

Catherine Henry (@wildwomanpottery)
wildwomanpottery10.04.2019 15:10:10

Every single person in that photo is smiling and clearly delighted by you...quite a different story these days with our current president

clarachicken108 (@clarachicken108)
clarachicken10810.04.2019 15:38:09

What converting them to Islam?

Deion (@cashmoney11206)
cashmoney1120610.04.2019 15:22:25

#45  could never in a trillion years inspired any one. This is best president of all time.

Victor Sr (@victorugo8)
victorugo810.04.2019 15:06:38

We miss you Mr President.

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