We’ve teamed up with the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism to let you know about ‘The Great Swap’ competition.

Open to British citizens aged o - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Travel Photo Storyteller (@matea_travelsoul)
matea_travelsoul17.03.2019 14:40:25

And for other EU, non-UK citizens?

Home Of The Creepiest DM's! (@creepydmallstars)
creepydmallstars15.03.2019 17:56:32

alongdustyroads 👌

Borislava Yordanova (@yordanovab)
yordanovab14.03.2019 06:36:19

Wow you are fluent in Bulgarian. Love your blog, I am planning a trip in Puglia and it was really useful 🌿

MERAH ✈️TRAVEL (@achangeofplace)
achangeofplace14.03.2019 04:45:06

That sounds like a such a cool concept of entry! Bulgaria would be so cool to visit and explore!

Jen ▪️ More Travel In Life (@moretravelinlife)
moretravelinlife14.03.2019 00:06:53

I wish I was a Brit!! 💂🏼‍♀️

JENNY CHRISTINA ☾ travel (@jennybekkering)
jennybekkering13.03.2019 17:10:18

I can almost feel the sunlight coming out of this photo😍☀️

Kristina M. (@kristina_loves_october)
kristina_loves_october13.03.2019 11:04:53

I love pictures like this😍 great atmosphere 😊👍

Cat | Ethical Travel (@cat_macrae)
cat_macrae13.03.2019 06:54:07

Amazing!! I knew that being a British citizen would come in handy one day 😂

Sabrina Walsh (@sabrinawalsh_)
sabrinawalsh_13.03.2019 03:33:54

I absolutely love this ❤️

jakecphotos113.03.2019 02:12:40

Love this shot!

Hello it’s elena (@eb_elenaberlusconi)
eb_elenaberlusconi13.03.2019 02:03:30

Love this big yellow wall 💛

Miaoao (@loculy)
loculy12.03.2019 23:18:02

Love the yellow wall

Welcome, travel lovers! 🛩❤ (@travelful_life)
travelful_life12.03.2019 22:35:44

Nice one! Thank you for sharing this awesome content😊👌

Shea Glaser ↠ Travel (@sheaglaser)
sheaglaser12.03.2019 21:49:31

This lighting 😍

Kash Bhattacharya (@budgettraveller)
budgettraveller12.03.2019 21:05:39


Manazir 🌍 Solo Explorer (@1000milestotouchdown)
1000milestotouchdown12.03.2019 21:04:06

I really dont fancy visiting Bulgaria after the way they treated me at airport immigration when I visited Sofia 2 years ago.

Romain (@baxintheworld)
baxintheworld12.03.2019 20:11:13

Simple, efficace 😁

Beth | Gingersnap Travels 🌎 (@gingersnapbeth)
gingersnapbeth12.03.2019 19:41:17

Such a cool giveaway! Sadly I’m still a few years away from being a British citizen 😂

ViaHero (@myviahero)
myviahero12.03.2019 19:35:12

Love this outfit and photo!

Stefanie (@hellostefaniee)
hellostefaniee12.03.2019 18:50:26


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