The extra night we chose to spend in the gorgeous Colombian pueblo of Jericó meant we could go a little slower and savour being there. - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Vamos Elsewhere ✌🏼 (@vamoselsewhere)
vamoselsewhere11.02.2019 19:35:56

absolutely beautiful!

Jeremy Gliksman (Belgium) (@samesamebutmoretravel)
samesamebutmoretravel10.02.2019 21:58:53

Your pics have some good creativity! 🍻😊 Its something I'm lacking often

✨Candice & Leah✨ (@candiceandleah)
candiceandleah08.02.2019 09:23:57

That sounds like such a great trip! ☺️

Evan Harris (@_evharris)
_evharris08.02.2019 08:58:38

You guys still going to be in Colombia for a bit? We’ll be in Cartagena in 4 days!

Chelsea | The Portable Wife (@theportablewife)
theportablewife08.02.2019 08:48:30

These experiences are what travel is all about. Thanks for sharing ☺️

Belgin Gülez Akyüz (@belgingulezakyuz)
belgingulezakyuz08.02.2019 08:30:33

I want to go Colombia so mush.but ,everywhere Colambia is not saffty contry for turist.İs it true,What is your idea topic

Storytelling & Travel (@toooldtogapyah)
toooldtogapyah08.02.2019 04:51:25

This photo is gorge and completly agree. We landed in Colombia today!

Siori & Fermin (@thepresentroad)
thepresentroad08.02.2019 03:53:44

So true!!! Slow travel feels so ‘wasteful’ initially but we feel that it almost seeps into us more... as if we really take a little bit of that place with you 😍. Cheers to slowing down and being present! 🥂

CHELSEA CHEN (@chelchen)
chelchen08.02.2019 02:52:25

truly magical✨

Madeline Ruth ❤️ (@pearlsnplanes)
pearlsnplanes08.02.2019 02:04:09


Kyla Richey (@kylarichey)
kylarichey08.02.2019 01:46:50

This is so unbelievably gorgeous

amy mariko 🇵🇪🇯🇵🇺🇸 (@liviano.corazon)
liviano.corazon08.02.2019 01:13:32

Wow those colors! So beautiful 😊

Mark + Mim | Travellers (@thecommonwanderer)
thecommonwanderer08.02.2019 01:00:08

Those beautiful light rays 😍. We often find ‘things to do’ posts so weird, as it’s so subjective - travelling on your own steam and doing what you want, even when there’s apparently ‘nothing’ is a travel personified. 👌🏼

𝗥𝗜𝗖𝗛𝗢𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗩𝗘𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗚 (@richotraveling)
richotraveling08.02.2019 00:20:05

Stunning view 💙

Free Spirit Wanderers (@modestescapes)
modestescapes08.02.2019 00:03:12


Artsy Chow Roamer (@artsychowroamer)
artsychowroamer07.02.2019 22:53:34


Travel & Lifestyle | Australia (@shedreamsoftravelling)
shedreamsoftravelling07.02.2019 22:51:45

Wow beautiful shot of the mountains. Nice to have a quiet place to have a peace of mind ✌️ 💕

Travellers // Jasmine & Bevan (@thetravelquandary)
thetravelquandary07.02.2019 22:01:20

I love that last line! You actually get to do the things on your to do list when you’re faced with the gift of time and no pressure to see and do things. Would love more of this in my life 😅

Katharina Charles ✖ TRAVEL (@kicharles)
kicharles07.02.2019 21:00:48

So true, sounds like such a special, slow time 💛

Travel photographer & Writer (@cat_macrae)
cat_macrae07.02.2019 20:49:15

It sounds like a dream and looks absolutely gorgeous. How wonderful to have the time to truly savour a destination like this

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