Last time we were in Peru, we were hit with a bout of travel fatigue in Arequipa and simply had no desire to trek the Colca Canyon. Inste - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Travellers // Jasmine & Bevan (@thetravelquandary)
thetravelquandary05.12.2018 22:48:23

Looks incredibly stunning guys! What an awesome adventure for you! 😀🙌🏼

thesandyfeet05.12.2018 22:20:21

Looked liked such an awesome adventure guys! Also, how great is the word kerfuffle 😂

Sebbie P (@sebbiepurvis)
sebbiepurvis05.12.2018 22:14:41

Will be doing this in the next few weeks.. However, my 65 Yr old dad who isn't the fittest bloke around will be around. How hard was it? 😂

Ben Holbrook (@driftwoodjournals)
driftwoodjournals05.12.2018 21:43:10

Sounds like quite the hike! And what’s the air/oxygen like there? You guys suffering at all from that, or purely just from the grind? Also, thank you for using the word ‘kerfuffle’ 🙏🏻🍻

Monika Mazur (@monikamazur__)
monikamazur__05.12.2018 21:29:28

Oh my congrats about this one! It was a huuuuuge struggle 😂😂😂 🙌🙌🙌

Big World Small Pockets (@bigworldsmallpockets)
bigworldsmallpockets05.12.2018 20:37:16

Spotted! Did you do this one independently guys? I’m hoping to hit up Peru in the new year!

Phil + Sapna (@riding.atw)
riding.atw05.12.2018 20:14:32

Great shot! Totally with you on the travel fatigue because we've been going through that from time to time. Almost at the end of our trip and we certainly have things we want to return for in the future. Safe travels and looking forward to seeing more from you guys! 🤘

tgil_ballin05.12.2018 20:11:49

Hope you enjoyed the early morning hike back up!

TINTA CRUA (@tintacrua)
tintacrua05.12.2018 20:06:12

When the condors fly above me I could hear the wind on their wings...good memoreis

Jacob Crompton (@jacob.crompton)
jacob.crompton05.12.2018 19:59:34

The condors there are 👌🏼

Sarah | Travel Breathe Repeat (@spoitras9)
spoitras905.12.2018 19:41:17

Looks incredible! And the instant noodles sound pretty tasty too 😂

Ryan Gadischkie (@rjgoesglobal)
rjgoesglobal05.12.2018 19:37:10

Awesome shot here :D

LiveWithoutShoes•Travel Couple (@ceghez)
ceghez05.12.2018 19:21:14

Gosh... now I really wanted to go back in time and visit it! Next time.... 😉

Anna | Crazy Little Porkchop (@chuletita_loca)
chuletita_loca05.12.2018 19:19:29

Awesome! Adding this to our list. Sometimes I jam-pack my itineraries a little too much and get really bad FOMO. This reminds me that it’s okay to veg out while travelling and let go of something planned. There’s always an opportunity to go back as you have shown here ☺️

Eric and Kristen (@the.great.unwashed)
the.great.unwashed05.12.2018 19:19:10

Spectacular. It has been so fun following your adventures, too - really enjoying your Stories!

Geena Truman ⌁Travel Blogger (@bartender_abroad_)
bartender_abroad_05.12.2018 19:16:47

Loved watching this journey you guys 👌🏼 glad you got to finish the trek

Andrea | Travel girl (@la_bolivianita_diary)
la_bolivianita_diary05.12.2018 19:02:35

Perfect view!

Kyla Richey (@kylarichey)
kylarichey05.12.2018 18:59:31

How long are you guys in peru for???

Sol • Photographer of Travel • (@themomentbehind)
themomentbehind05.12.2018 18:59:05

Love love this trip and your adventures!! 😍

Luke & Nell | Travel Couple (@whatifwewalked)
whatifwewalked05.12.2018 18:58:31

YES guys this hike looked epic

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