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Svetlana Leschenko (@svelby)
svelby08.07.2019 14:00:25


GalMC (@1galmc)
1galmc08.07.2019 04:19:52

HBD Fiddy! We love you! ❤️

•/ℳ=ᖘᎯᎩ💎ᎠᗩᏒ⃟♡🔞🕆 (@its.matiiw)
its.matiiw08.07.2019 08:47:03


Jane Lashae (@janeinmiami)
janeinmiami08.07.2019 02:59:03

Wish I would have knew you went to the O 😩

Develle Simms (@devellesimms)
devellesimms08.07.2019 02:46:32


Staris (@staris1389)
staris138908.07.2019 13:25:17

I never knew that’s what your was saying 😳

HARIE L. ROBINSON JR (@houseoffresh_harie)
houseoffresh_harie08.07.2019 11:36:50


blanco_ben4308.07.2019 07:30:23

I guess Mayweather wasn’t invited

навсегда (@___pluviophile__1)
___pluviophile__108.07.2019 02:55:55

Shorty 😉they ain't ready for you 🔥😂 you are top of the world🌏💗🍾 keep going💪💪 have a blessed night 🎉🎉🎉

David (@trublue1980)
trublue198008.07.2019 18:00:49

Mixtape is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Popi Mador (@popi_mador)
popi_mador08.07.2019 09:20:25

It would be good if u go visit your people in Nigeria

All About Authentic Music (@3amstudios1)
3amstudios108.07.2019 03:59:47

www.3amstudios.biz 🔥🔥🔥

YM (@yumington)
yumington08.07.2019 02:59:54


𝔍𝔬ś𝔢 (@yonkersfinest)
yonkersfinest08.07.2019 02:46:47

Miami nights on the river..tossin em dollars

M$R💰 (@mardallas_vvs)
mardallas_vvs08.07.2019 02:41:35

Sincerely yours Southside mixtape 💯 🔥

mrtwogee08.07.2019 12:18:27

What mixtape was this on

Maria Jones (@jazzymadena)
jazzymadena08.07.2019 02:41:21


Rashida J (@thestyleapple)
thestyleapple08.07.2019 16:08:30

Damn no Tootsies or G5😫

✞ Offical Fern Tattoos & Art ✞ (@el_famouso)
el_famouso08.07.2019 02:40:07

Sup my boy I just seen a missed call from you Curt

Chris Robertson (@sinbad_cc)
sinbad_cc08.07.2019 09:11:00

Happy birthday Curtis 50cent Jackson. I know you be up in that club all weekend so I’ll let you deal with that hangover in peace. 🇯🇲👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

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