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Ningbo Bonfille (@ningbobonfille)
ningbobonfille12.03.2019 02:05:14

May I have your marketing department contact information please? Thank you very much

Jacky Stiff (@crazymummy1998)
crazymummy199812.03.2019 18:19:16

Do you guys know how much longer your checkout is going to be down online?

Ningbo Bonfille (@ningbobonfille)
ningbobonfille12.03.2019 02:04:54

Hi, this is Minya who is from Ningbo Bonfille arts&craft CO;LTD, I have had the privilege to visit your website and find that our products are very much in line with your market.

Kendals Korner Toys❤️ (@kendals_korner_toys)
kendals_korner_toys11.03.2019 18:32:07

I love how you guys celebrate science there! Wish the US would do this 🙌🏼😍

Sarah (@joliesaranne)
joliesaranne11.03.2019 16:32:04

I learnt so much demonstrating these! 😂

Tipsy Toys (@tipsytoysxox)
tipsytoysxox11.03.2019 14:08:29

❤️ so fun. We loved having the entertainer in our video

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