Thinking of my Irish sisters #together4yes #repealthe8th - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)
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nataliaaza1513.09.2018 00:09:55


Priyanka Bhardwaj (@bhardwaj9059)
bhardwaj905913.09.2018 06:39:33


Deacon James Pearce (@dcn_pearce)
dcn_pearce13.09.2018 19:00:13

And what about the baby's choice? Shouldn't they gave one? I mean, since we're suppose to wait for them to decide things like their gender, shouldn't we wait until they can have a say IN THIS?!?!?!!

| Poet | | Photographer | (@hypeofive)
hypeofive13.09.2018 21:58:47


Фома Христоферович Мартынов (@apollyon1534)
apollyon153413.09.2018 22:17:42

Yep. An unborn woman in the womb should always have the choice of what to do with her body, not anyone else. #righttolife 

The Bollywood Love (
the.bollywood.love14.09.2018 15:05:26

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Sofía Jiménez (@sofi_jmz)
sofi_jmz14.09.2018 16:43:08

Emma, there's a human body inside the uterus too, one that's still forming, possibly the one of a woman, so why can only one of them choose over her body?

Sadbh (@sadbh_potterhead)
sadbh_potterhead15.09.2018 09:45:40

Yes for support

Sadbh (@sadbh_potterhead)
sadbh_potterhead15.09.2018 09:47:54

Yes for equality, Yes for support, Yes for health, Yes for women and girls! 👍

legendarymythicalclone15.09.2018 10:13:15

Keep your legs close! How about that choice?!?!

Léo ✌✌ (@leovasc5)
leovasc515.09.2018 23:44:10

yes, fetus body, right to fetus life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mat (@matchew115)
matchew11516.09.2018 22:53:25

Bet so if I see someone cutting themselves ima just think of what you say her body her choice

Linda Sechrist Bottom (@lindabottom)
lindabottom17.09.2018 04:06:24

Not her body. A human life. What about the rights of the unborn females who cannot speak up for themselves?

Sultonbek B (@sulton_1007)
sulton_100718.09.2018 20:26:52

Year its her choice for how much she'll sell it

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