Thinking of my Irish sisters #together4yes #repealthe8th - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)
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Shaun Holloway (@hollowayshaun)
hollowayshaun03.11.2018 21:11:03

Hell yea

David Glanville (@david_glanville)
david_glanville04.11.2018 20:46:28

Never heard a more selfish statement in all my life.

🍝Abbie The Alien🍝 (@abbie_lawrenz)
abbie_lawrenz05.11.2018 16:28:46

I stand up for animal rights. Think about those poor, unappreciated animals out there

Mark (@grohl.65)
grohl.6505.11.2018 22:42:44


Jessie Jiang (@jessiej_96)
jessiej_9605.11.2018 23:14:37


Ron-Klötus von Borg (@roschii_horror_comic_show)
roschii_horror_comic_show06.11.2018 17:09:39

Techically its the body of the unborn but whatever right

sarah (@sarah.i98)
sarah.i9808.11.2018 08:03:09


Mary Kate (@mary.katherine__)
mary.katherine__09.11.2018 02:19:48

Hard to see and fathom this when I am pregnant and can currently feel all of the little movements of another human being’s BODY in my womb. I don’t understand how someone can be so much for human rights and trans rights when these poor, innocent, unborn human beings don’t have any rights because it’s “HER BODY” It truly brings me to tears

david ellison (@davidlee3220)
davidlee322009.11.2018 15:42:56

Babys body is not her body

Alessandra Le Pera🍐🇮🇹 (@alessandra_lepera)
alessandra_lepera09.11.2018 16:44:31

What about the baby’s body? I understand where you’re coming from, but at what point would a baby get the right to live?

Abhijeetsingh Bais (@saaranraj)
saaranraj10.11.2018 21:37:35

I am not like her. I do not want to be her.

Natalia Vanin Ballestas (@nataliavaninb)
nataliavaninb13.11.2018 04:19:50

Aruba 👍

James Riley (@northstarshine)
northstarshine16.11.2018 05:48:25


A@min@ (@aami_arts)
aami_arts16.11.2018 15:54:13


A@min@ (@aami_arts)
aami_arts16.11.2018 15:54:33

Emma Watson. You are DISGUSTING. End of.

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