To celebrate today’s #internationalwomensday I’ll be curating @natgeo’s Instagram feed, selecting and sharing powerful images taken by National Geogra - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)
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Masoud Sadat (@masud4693)
masud469301.12.2018 09:54:24


Mubeen Maheem (@mubeeee_)
mubeeee_02.12.2018 09:40:23


Peyton Forde (@peyton_forde)
peyton_forde02.12.2018 22:29:40

Where can I get that!!!!

Dix_isapellim (@dix_isapellim)
dix_isapellim04.12.2018 10:49:11

How can somebody be só perfect

Dix_isapellim (@dix_isapellim)
dix_isapellim04.12.2018 10:49:14


Miriam NIcolosi (@miriam_around_the_world)
miriam_around_the_world04.12.2018 15:55:25


kartik solanki (@kartiksolanki1223344)
kartiksolanki122334405.12.2018 13:29:00

My perception about feminism changed totally because of her...!! Yes I am guy and yes I am a feminist!!! #feministrule 

M^x. A (@maxsends)
maxsends05.12.2018 13:59:15

FREE TAY K (@thegangstertj)
thegangstertj05.12.2018 16:33:21

How do you not have the same rights???😂😂

zhan_wen雯 (@zhanwen_zz)
zhanwen_zz06.12.2018 14:15:35


Marc Manas 🇫🇷  French explorer (@princeofwallstreet)
princeofwallstreet08.12.2018 01:01:57

Fantastique !! 😍

henny potatis (@hennypotatis)
hennypotatis09.12.2018 08:23:59

Wow you are cool

【e】【m】【i】【l】【y】 (@burnt_ramenn)
burnt_ramenn09.12.2018 15:44:29

get back in the kitchen

James Cooper (@abedavedude)
abedavedude09.12.2018 15:45:37

Emma babe, I've gotta piece of advice for you: make me a sandwich

Watchmen Ryan Fessler ( 17:54:02


John Skeldon (@skeldon.john)
skeldon.john10.12.2018 14:18:31

Tru that sayin ! 🙏🏻

yum yum (@i_do_eat_babies)
i_do_eat_babies10.12.2018 21:34:36

Feminism is cancer

Ryker Sharp (@sharpie_72_)
sharpie_72_11.12.2018 03:38:15

Women already have the same rights as men if not more

gggaishaaa11.12.2018 05:09:03

What rights don't women have?

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