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Eminem (@eminem.shows)
eminem.shows09.06.2018 19:27:38

HIT LIKE if you want to see EMINEM live!

SLIM SHADY™ (@eminem._.albania)
eminem._.albania09.06.2018 19:28:04

Yo these fans tho.. how the fuck do they feel? Eminem just fucking tagged you...

Tyron Turner (@tyron.turner313)
tyron.turner31310.06.2018 19:44:04

Am I the only one who's laughing at the people who complained about Eminem and the gunshot sound effects at this concert?

D E V I L ™ (@devil.meeha)
devil.meeha09.06.2018 19:30:30

Can anyone answer my question (Is Eminem dating nikiminaj????)

Tommy Chong (@heytommychong)
heytommychong09.06.2018 23:43:46

Great show, had a blast 💪 @marijuana.tv 

ᴇᴍɪɴᴇᴍ ꜰᴀɴᴘᴀɢᴇ (@ru.shady)
ru.shady09.06.2018 19:26:59

Come to Russia, please 🙏😩

💥XABI💥 (@xabi_azcue)
xabi_azcue11.06.2018 19:03:13

@izarovera  @eriksantiso18  ese rap god jajaj

Im Outta Cuntroll™ (No Homo) (@lilgrinchcaca)
lilgrinchcaca09.06.2018 19:46:16

Greatest Mumble Rapper Ever

Female Stan 👩🏽 (@eminem.bm)
eminem.bm09.06.2018 21:26:29

Just imagine Eminem tagging you in a post

ho0seinalinejad/حصین عالی نژاد (@_ho0sein_)
_ho0sein_09.06.2018 19:26:28


Tae🦋 (@shadyxtae)
shadyxtae09.06.2018 19:28:46

We need a Detroit show Marshall! Please😩

Marshall Mathers™ (@eminem_al)
eminem_al09.06.2018 19:27:08

LegendAry of All Times @eminem  👑

Behzadleito (@bezi_lei.fan)
bezi_lei.fan09.06.2018 19:26:16


Tyron Turner (@tyron.turner313)
tyron.turner31312.06.2018 07:26:51

@mugziekaya  They weren't gunshot sound effects. The effects that were used were pyrotechnic concussions which tend to make a loud sound when they go off. Em has had this at many of his concerts before. Don't know why it's such a problem now and Paul Rosenberg cleared this up house ago so I don't know why people are still believing Em used "gunshot sound effects". Come on, now.

Arya Taak (@aryataak)
aryataak10.06.2018 21:40:10

Is it possible to start leaning to rap at the age of 21 and make it big like eminem and other rappers?

mohammad__torab09.06.2018 19:37:06

روانییییه خررر😍😍😘😘

Tyron Turner (@tyron.turner313)
tyron.turner31310.06.2018 23:18:29

@distressedclothingco  the gunshot sound effects has always played a part in Em's concerts for years and years and that's how it's always going to be. People need to understand that. I understand you guys were scared but Em is not the blame for this. He isn't even in charge of the sound effects anyway. And some of the people went to his concert for the first time so I can understand why people were scared but like I said, he's not the blame for this or even for that.

sebaxd (@sad.boy_xd)
sad.boy_xd09.06.2018 22:06:44

Bad bunny is better

Emanuele Bitondi (@shark_o9)
shark_o910.06.2018 06:06:45


Fredrikke (@fredrikke_)
fredrikke_09.06.2018 20:15:44

3 UKE IGJEN!!!! @mtoll4  @sandraelinek  @talinavell  @sabinealexandrapedersen  🤩🤩

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