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Joanne (@travelgoddess5779)
travelgoddess577906.08.2018 17:33:03

Nice 👍. Luggage tags always a great addition to your backpacks 🎒.

Stacey Dershem Photography (@staceydershemphotography)
staceydershemphotography06.08.2018 18:56:59

Love these @ellesnaps  ! Now I’m going to have to get in there and order some!

Jean Burge (@jeansadventures)
jeansadventures07.08.2018 02:14:46

Those are CUTE!!!!

Andrea Jones (@chattmom)
chattmom07.08.2018 02:42:42

I love these! And what a great idea!

Petia Mitchell (@petiamphotos)
petiamphotos07.08.2018 17:55:47

How cute are those 😍😍😍

ShoSho Bella (@shoshobella_couture)
shoshobella_couture08.08.2018 04:54:34


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