My stone dish from @pamperedchef I love it! I will use this for years and years. My last one lasted at least 10 years before it was broken. #pamperedc - Lisa Kirk (@ellesnaps)
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Joy Grimsley (@mama_grizzz)
mama_grizzz21.07.2018 18:40:51

Love my pampered chef!

Joanne (@travelgoddess5779)
travelgoddess577921.07.2018 19:13:15

Enjoy you time baking, cooking and eating 😋

Mary Jones/DancingQueen (@ballettapgal)
ballettapgal02.10.2018 12:58:04

I love my shallow baker too!!!! I have one with the burgundy trim!!! I may get another one!!! Lol @ellesnaps 

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