Writing this paper and praying that I do the topic justice. #BlaQueerGreek #GradStudentFlow #EducatorFlow #Theory2Practice #Finals - Shaad B. (@educator_strong)
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Rob Jones (@bluesteel1914)
bluesteel191401.05.2018 14:59:44

Please share when you're done!

Eddie S Pierce - Publisher (@eddiespierce)
eddiespierce01.05.2018 15:26:38


Byron Ferrer (@immortal1ne)
immortal1ne01.05.2018 15:30:41

Yes please share when you are done. This is an important topic

Nathan Shiya (@ntshiya)
ntshiya01.05.2018 16:41:28

Left behind to save this planet!

Timothy Avant (@tavant1)
tavant101.05.2018 17:53:05

I’ll would love to read this. I pledged a white fraternity in college thinking I wouldn’t have been accepted by a Black fraternity. I would love to read your journey.

(Σ)ydney (Γ) Ep(Ρ)s 🐩 (@shopmcmxxii)
shopmcmxxii02.05.2018 06:01:40

We have to talk!

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