I just spent my last 3 days in Thailand up in Chiang Rai at the @anantara_goldentriangle. Captive elephants are a touchy subject (and for good reason) - JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel)
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Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman)
dave.krugman06.02.2019 11:27:06

Interesting read man! Thanks for this 🙌🏻

BEST VACATIONS - Travel (@bestvacations)
bestvacations06.02.2019 12:10:52

💙 🐘 💙

Daniel Berberi (@dberberi)
dberberi06.02.2019 11:34:38

If you're allowed to ride on their backs, it's not an ethical sanctuary. Beautiful photo and important caption, dude.

Ueli Frischknecht (@runawayueli)
runawayueli06.02.2019 12:46:32

I am not a big fan of elephant shots as it animates a lot of people to go and do the same, get a similar shot. And most of them won't research places, they just wanna get THE shot. Anyways, I appreciate that you stated the circumstances in your comments. Happy travels 🤙🏻

Siobhan | Travel Blogger (@agirlwhoblooms)
agirlwhoblooms06.02.2019 16:37:02

Yes but unfortunately they allow bareback riding. While bareback elephant riding does not physically hurt the elephant, one must wonder about the baby elephants that will obviously need to be broken in order to eventually take its place and be ridden by the guests. Breaking an elephant is the most horrific cruelty. Of course Anantara is nothing to even compare to the absolutely awful instafamous Mason Elephant Lodge and Park that have chair riding all day long, tricks, shows and chains. 😥

Nads (@nscrowe)
nscrowe08.02.2019 14:49:41

How can you preach this when only 2 weeks ago you posted a photo you took at mason lodge in Bali, where they are known for chaining and allowing people to ride on elephants with a wooden seat? Also anantara has a mahout program where they 'teach' you to be a mahout and ride on the necks of elephants/bathe them etc. Not only can this cause unintentional harm to elephants, it also takes away from the hard work the real mahouts have to endure to develop a proper relationship/trust with the elephant, and also the respect of their traditional work.

Liselotte 🌍 Travel Photography (@journalofwonders)
journalofwonders13.02.2019 07:37:00

I love rescue Parks like this one! Have visited one myself four years ago and it was the best stay ever 💚

Michele ❥ (@meesh_elu)
meesh_elu12.02.2019 04:45:31


Dani Sánchez Luna (@danisanchezluna)
danisanchezluna12.02.2019 00:50:07

What about your photo in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka?

Ingrid  🌿 (@mondedelagrande)
mondedelagrande09.02.2019 08:43:00


Zoē ✈︎ Travel Lover⎥Lifestyle (@yesitszoe__)
yesitszoe__07.02.2019 12:41:34

This. Thank you so much for sharing! 💖 Elephants are beautiful creatures and it’s so horrible how they’re treated for tourists’ photos and enjoyment. Ethical places are the only way to go if you want to see these beauties in person. 💗 Again, thank you for sharing this!

Liz Kathleen (@l_haviland)
l_haviland07.02.2019 12:35:18

@jenn.lm.swan  😍

ŽAN & NICOL • Travel Couple (@zani_travelcouple)
zani_travelcouple09.02.2019 17:53:21


Caroline’s Voyages 📍Poznan (@carolinevoyages)
carolinevoyages09.02.2019 17:46:07

Wow. What a spectacular moment with this majestic elephant!

Bali Eco Stay (@baliecostay)
baliecostay07.02.2019 01:57:21

Also a good time for a reminder that there are NO ethical elephant sanctuaries in Bali, your previous photos taken with the elephants are from a zoo where they do allow riding amongst other abuses. Might be useful to share as well and raise awareness 🙏

Elisabete (@elisabete_el_xiony)
elisabete_el_xiony13.02.2019 23:25:51


Liselotte 🌍 Travel Photography (@journalofwonders)
journalofwonders13.02.2019 07:37:04

I love rescue Parks like this one! Have visited one myself four years ago and it was the best stay ever 💚

otewe tour (@otewe4762)
otewe476212.02.2019 23:42:08


Shweta Chaudhary🌟 (@yeah_shweta7)
yeah_shweta711.02.2019 14:43:54

Wow 😍😍 so Beautiful.💛

Fjona Ruhe (@memories_of_a_gypsy)
memories_of_a_gypsy10.02.2019 12:20:27

I can feel it ♥️

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