It’s with the deepest regret that we inform our supporters & friends that Dale Sharpe passed away in Kansas in the United States on the 20 June, 2019 - Dale & Karlie | Gold Coast  🇦🇺 (@dkphotographyau)
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ArabFunnymeme (@arabfunnymeme)
arabfunnymeme11.08.2019 07:10:02

My condolences to the family:(

Pascale Jourakovsky (@pascale.jourakovsky)
pascale.jourakovsky16.08.2019 21:51:12


Paul Watson (
paul.watson.photography16.08.2019 23:11:41

You’re so dearly missed man 😘

Ata (@atahassanzadeh)
atahassanzadeh18.08.2019 19:08:28

@dkphotographyau  🎉🎈HaPpY📷DaY🎈🎉

banaielkim0128 (@banaielkim0128)
banaielkim012819.08.2019 22:38:33

이쁘당 히히 기여엉 지리따 엄청 아름답다

cloud.appreciation.society20.08.2019 01:47:29

Just looking at photos and thought of Dale. ❤️ to everyone 🙏🏼💗

ahahahakakw27.08.2019 20:52:07


Macaroni (@macaroniz)
macaroniz28.08.2019 19:47:40


Katrina (@oceansweet88)
oceansweet8829.08.2019 05:21:25

Gentle kindness surround you ma'am and your family with prayers and peace to heaven🙏💜🙏🎶

Arnold Texh (@arnoldtexh500)
arnoldtexh50030.08.2019 19:23:33

@shadowofthemis  nihan allahin muhammedin askina dakga geciyob diye sinirlendim naptim off naptim lutfen bak engelkene

Hi,My Name Is... (@la_page_memosa)
la_page_memosa02.09.2019 09:20:12

🔰Pls seguiteci e vi ripagheremo con Conigli e Nuggets🔰

💀†[hsti]†💀 (
hwsti._.off04.09.2019 19:20:06

فالو پلیز😍

Clay (@clay_we)
clay_we05.09.2019 15:37:20

Terrible😭, many prayers and condolences 🙏🏽

balogun Mattew (@balogun_mattew)
balogun_mattew07.09.2019 21:57:41


Donny 🇮🇸 (@icelandic_nomad)
icelandic_nomad19.09.2019 03:54:08

Just got back to IG after a break and did not see any post from Dale since past few days I wondered what's going on so came here and found this. Speechless and shocked! He was having so much fun chasing those storms. I once saw Dave at a cafe in Iceland but did not know who he was from the posts he made I found who he was and we exchanged hi! ' was it you at the cafe ?' it started with that

Donny 🇮🇸 (@icelandic_nomad)
icelandic_nomad19.09.2019 03:54:49

I will truly miss him God bless his family! My prayers are with him

mario_stefano (@mario_stefano)
mario_stefano21.09.2019 22:47:50

I'm very very sorry

Nafiz Khan Khan (@nafizkhankhan)
nafizkhankhan23.09.2019 04:26:57


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