Russell Springs, Kansas. USA... ________________________________________

For almost a decade I've dreamt of an image like this & 48hrs ago I achieved - Dale & Karlie | Gold Coast  🇦🇺 (@dkphotographyau)
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Alyssa Becker (@lysmekah)
lysmekah16.06.2019 16:41:46

That’s incredible!

Jacob Cope 📷 (@electricsheepvisuals)
electricsheepvisuals16.06.2019 21:34:02

Ridiculous. 😱😱😱👌🏼

karoowanderer17.06.2019 06:50:39


Respect Thy Nature (@respectthynature)
respectthynature17.06.2019 23:22:54

Whoaaa... we’re about to drive all the way through Kansas heading to the Rocky Mountains for the summer. Hope we don’t run into this kinda system 😅

Mireia Álvarez (@miatblr)
miatblr18.06.2019 03:58:21

Ma God, this is amazing. What do u Feel when u See something like this on direct? Would love to see something like that one day

Barry Feldman (@bazprop62)
bazprop6218.06.2019 12:10:48

You captured a moment of intense beauty. Seriously a jaw dropping photo. Superb. Your perseverance in capturing your outstanding images is commendable.

debys_m20.06.2019 14:49:15

ooooooooooooo big big big

Liam McCafferty (@liammccafferty)
liammccafferty21.06.2019 10:50:33


MariuszD (@beetle_md)
beetle_md21.06.2019 14:12:53

👌👍😍 wow

Clouds_of_our_world 5/26/14 (@clouds_of_our_world)
clouds_of_our_world22.06.2019 01:01:53


JORDAN AARON  📷 (@jordan_aaron)
jordan_aaron22.06.2019 01:12:45


Amanda Sherrod (@manda_sherrod1919)
manda_sherrod191930.06.2019 22:43:51


The Way I See It (@sandie_deans)
sandie_deans10.07.2019 00:57:39

Wow! Just wow. I have loved storms since I was a little girl. When I grow up I want to be as good a photographer as you! I haven’t seen anything g quite like you have here, if I did I think I would forget how to work the camera!!!! 😆

Marion Drt✌🏻️ (@mari_on________)
mari_on________28.07.2019 13:43:51


Annett (@annett1303)
annett130304.08.2019 06:49:50

Unbelievable! Aren’t you a bit afraid ?

《hatim》 (@hatimwd3)
hatimwd317.08.2019 16:18:13

It's real ?

Ree’ (@monchiree)
monchiree19.09.2019 11:05:01

@nicolai_joseph  ✨

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