Sterling, Colorado. United States...

It's been a very interesting first week here in Tornado Alley. It's a - Dale & Karlie | Gold Coast  🇦🇺 (@dkphotographyau)
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Dana Fisher (@danafisher621)
danafisher62130.05.2019 17:04:56

Great shot!

Alan Amsden (@alanamsden)
alanamsden30.05.2019 17:22:13

Such an awesome photo. What a trip.

Local Guide Est. 1991 (@localguide)
localguide30.05.2019 18:51:22

Wowow. I don't think our storms compare!

Ben Mulder (@benmuldersunsets)
benmuldersunsets31.05.2019 05:19:43

Wow!! Absolutely incredible 😱😱😱

Jordan Cantelo | Weatherscapes (@jordancantelo)
jordancantelo31.05.2019 06:04:42

Oath mate!! That is freaking awesome 😍👍

Chantelle Friesen (@chantelle.stobbe.imagery)
chantelle.stobbe.imagery31.05.2019 06:27:45


Bailey Chambers (@bailey_chambers_photography)
bailey_chambers_photography31.05.2019 06:47:09

So dramatic looks amazing

Terry (@worldsoccerblogger)
worldsoccerblogger31.05.2019 06:59:29

Great shot 🌪👌🏽

Scott Fairbrother Photography (@scott_shotz_)
scott_shotz_31.05.2019 07:42:12

Wow man 🙌🙌 that must really get the blood pumping you dare devil 👊👊

JORDAN AARON  📷 (@jordan_aaron)
jordan_aaron01.06.2019 14:59:54

Next level mate. Keep up the storm.chasing. Has looked like a call of a trip 🤙 massive inspiration.

dan (@munnyshotz)
munnyshotz02.06.2019 00:39:56


Raymond Chau (@ray.chau)
ray.chau02.06.2019 05:34:29

That is bloody brilliant

Anna (@annabellgalster)
annabellgalster02.06.2019 15:47:47

Great shot so beautiful and amazing scenery 🔥😍

Freddy Bejarano (@freddy_bejarano)
freddy_bejarano03.06.2019 17:08:15


Scotty Mason (@scott_mason_southernskyimages)

Whoa!!! That’s a nice wall 😍

Rach Stewart (@rachstewartnz)
rachstewartnz05.06.2019 09:03:56

Love the colours in this one !

Life's beautiful (@its_audreys_diary)
its_audreys_diary11.06.2019 07:08:46

Wowww 😮😮 it's incredibly amazing 😃😍😍👍👍excellent capture guys 😊😀👍👏👏

Jo Mayne (@duchessofbroomsleigh)
duchessofbroomsleigh21.07.2019 20:20:42

Astonishing gallery 🖤💜

Annett (@annett1303)
annett130304.08.2019 06:51:52


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