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Daddy (@_thedadfromfamilymatters_)
_thedadfromfamilymatters_12.01.2019 06:58:04

Singh knew what he signed up for.

Deb Porter (@debporter66)
debporter6612.01.2019 08:38:07

WOW 😡😡😡

Steven Lopez (@stevenlopez3519)
stevenlopez351912.01.2019 13:55:33

Why do these idiots think they can disrespect life. Anti American. Why defend illegal aliens?

Maryann Griffith Gee 🌹😇👆 (@maryannfurbabylovers)
maryannfurbabylovers12.01.2019 15:47:23

He had better watch his back

Ame Rican (@american_rican)
american_rican12.01.2019 16:52:30

Can't believe this unfunny POS is still on tv.

Photography by LexAnn (@photographybylexann)
photographybylexann12.01.2019 18:21:39


🇺🇸Natalie Bowser 🇺🇸 (@nataliebowser1979)
nataliebowser197913.01.2019 00:28:47

Yet if someone mocked someone liberals liked they’d be fired on the spot. How dare he!!!!!!! Unpatriotic, unappreciative piece of shit.

Michael Johnson (@mikejj52)
mikejj5213.01.2019 19:31:01

Still working huh..? That's right...only Libs can get away with that...

HoopGrind Basketball (@hoopgrind)
hoopgrind19.01.2019 04:07:41

Keep Grinding💯

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