Great captain, great leader, great player & congratulations on a great career JT!! @england @chelseafc @johnterry.26 - David Beckham (@davidbeckham)
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BIOTHERM HOMME Official (@biothermhomme)
biothermhomme10.10.2018 07:58:01


mehmetek208.10.2018 15:15:48


Curl Xuanyuan (@curlxuanyuan)
curlxuanyuan08.10.2018 19:39:11

Ask your son to open his insta to public, we need his apologies.

John Terry (@johnterry.26)
johnterry.2608.10.2018 12:09:15

@davidbeckham  thanks mate 💙⚽️

TVD | Lisa Pessotto☝🏼 (@thevisualdesigner)
thevisualdesigner08.10.2018 11:16:49


Aryan (@aryann_23)
aryann_2308.10.2018 11:37:21

He was racist and sexist there's no point glorifying these people💁

Os Izze (@osizze)
osizze08.10.2018 23:47:04

I don't usually comment, but one thing I can't tolerate is RACISM!

武美娜 (@miranda_meina)
miranda_meina08.10.2018 20:36:19

As an responsible adult maybe you could tell your son that he need to apologize, not only deleted the pictures. Sorry to comment blow your picture cause your son set up his account private immediately after the racist content. No one is trying to hate on any body, just saying an apology is necessary.

Architect (@a.goli.20)
a.goli.2008.10.2018 11:15:45

ای جان جانان من 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Daphne (@daphnedexplorer)
daphnedexplorer08.10.2018 22:58:20

@praisecheung  I do agree that insulting @davidbeckham  for something his child did per se may not be right, @brooklynbeckham  is already an adult. But if he is an honorable man, he would have made a statement by now. But the fact that you are not insulted by this "young man"'s comments is the reason why Asians are still being insulted. You don't even realise you are slapped on your left cheek. Will you offer the right too? FYI, the "young man" is an ADULT, and there is NO EXCUSE for insulting people.

Glenn Lewis (@glennlewis78)
glennlewis7808.10.2018 15:42:31

The mans a arsehole he’s a cheat and a liar

Root chen (@alwaysur_babe)
alwaysur_babe08.10.2018 12:24:33

Just ignore the comments and pretend nothing happened? No response for what your son has done?

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristianouniverso)
cristianouniverso09.10.2018 06:49:02

Olivia.W.Wang (
olivia.w.wang08.10.2018 11:16:49

sorry? u just ignore what your son did?

寒国驻终国(广州)领事馆帐号 (@co_rea_chi_na_consulate)
co_rea_chi_na_consulate09.10.2018 05:56:40


JamesAllen (@lanborer83)
lanborer8308.10.2018 11:54:51


Dvnfrt (@dvnfrt)
dvnfrt08.10.2018 19:29:22

请问这哪叫歧视了?!中国人数量本来就是全世界最多,小贝大儿子哪里错了?!?意大利的中国人本来就多的不得了 我刚出国的时候看到到处都是中国人 连我自己都感叹这里还是不是欧洲....

Vancci (@wusiiy)
wusiiy09.10.2018 20:20:45

有些言论太丢人现眼了吧 黄种人那么多 也没看见别的国家人跑来张口就骂 就事论事 真的太丢人了 有些人还觉得在保卫国家的颜面 不是 你是在丢人 这是国际平台 请你们有点素质 Some people are of low quality, but not all Chinese are like this. Peace and love

BenchWarmers (@bewarmers)
bewarmers08.10.2018 12:38:14

Hope you kept him away from posh 😆

Kevin Rooney (@krooney6)
krooney608.10.2018 11:15:46

Not a “great person” though is he really???

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