Feels good to be home #NYC - Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman)
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Flora Ambrosini (@florambrosini)
florambrosini14.05.2019 16:46:55

Did you enjoy Corsica? I'm heading to NYC right now, it's a small world 😀

Paris Photographer (@davidignaz)
davidignaz14.05.2019 15:59:52

Great shot! Will be in NYC for the first time next week! Can’t wait😁🙏🏻

Photographic Services (@lti_lightside)
lti_lightside14.05.2019 14:40:30

Are you the one responsible for this crappy weather then?

Matthew Roldan (@matthew_roldan)
matthew_roldan14.05.2019 14:36:28

Which song do you shoot on?

Roy Savoy I Photographer (@roy_savoy)
roy_savoy14.05.2019 14:34:29

Foggy Beaut

monstersincooperated14.05.2019 14:22:01

Welcome back! 🌆🏙

hansaelee (@hansaelee)
hansaelee14.05.2019 14:20:26


Karma (@_badkarma)
_badkarma14.05.2019 14:18:24

Welcome back Dave! Love this foggy shot

Newbery Rosario (@newbery_)
newbery_14.05.2019 14:15:47

Bout time 😁

Chirag Ved (@cved12)
cved1214.05.2019 14:15:44

Welcome back 🏡

Zafar Choriev | Portraits (@zafarchoriev)
zafarchoriev14.05.2019 14:15:06

Welcome back ❤️

𝑸𝒖𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒏 𝑯𝒁𝑻 🇫🇷 (@quentin.hzt)
quentin.hzt17.05.2019 12:03:43


Pascale Roch (@maxwellasey_16_merrill)
maxwellasey_16_merrill17.05.2019 06:24:56


Mike Schmidt (@mikeschmidt_)
mikeschmidt_16.05.2019 01:13:23


Anders Nyberg (@drkrallsson)
drkrallsson15.05.2019 22:14:00

Is sony gm 85mm f1.4 ok for street photography? P.S. very nice photos

Jim Lesser (@jimlesser)
jimlesser15.05.2019 02:40:56

I’m there next week if you’re still around Krugs

gustavo romeiro gscr▲▾▴ ► (@gustavoromeiro)
gustavoromeiro14.05.2019 22:32:05


Raph Candaza (@raphsensei)
raphsensei14.05.2019 21:02:21

Never disappointing 😍

Chris Pantages (@guest_informant)
guest_informant14.05.2019 19:12:59


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