@d.e.v.y.n._ — The risks i take are calculated,
but man,
am i bad at math.
All i ever do is think of you♡
All i ever do is think of you♡...more
15.04.2019 20:35:44
Its Magical☆
Its Magical☆...more
05.02.2019 01:00:39
No questions, No answers.
No questions, No answers....more
19.01.2019 22:19:10
◇To Rad To Be Sad◇
◇To Rad To Be Sad◇...more
06.01.2019 20:50:08
●You are my 2 AM thoughts
●You are my 2 AM thoughts...more
08.12.2018 06:01:42
Here's To Hoping Today's My Kind Of Day
Here's To Hoping Today's My Kind Of Day...more
22.09.2018 16:05:45
We'll be alright
We'll be alright...more
16.09.2018 22:43:28
Every one deserves a miracle.
Every one deserves a miracle....more
19.08.2018 21:16:29
Calm is a super power.
Calm is a super power....more
08.08.2018 20:10:11
18.07.2018 01:44:47
A book a day keeps reality away.
A book a day keeps reality away....more
20.06.2018 00:18:04
Kind words cost nothing.
Kind words cost nothing....more
08.05.2018 20:14:12
You dont need social approval♡
You dont need social approval♡...more
05.03.2018 23:31:27
Stay Wavy Baby.
Stay Wavy Baby....more
10.12.2017 21:17:34
●I really don't need you●
●I really don't need you●...more
27.10.2017 22:49:40
07.05.2017 14:24:19