Leaving this crazy city to go home for the holidays. Can’t wait for Thursday 😋🦃 - Chris Shepherd (@cshep25)
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Rachel Seifert (@rachelvictoriaaax)
rachelvictoriaaax21.11.2018 15:15:37

😱😱😍😻🙌🏼 shook at how awesome this is

Anthony Oliveira (@anthony_oliveira17)
anthony_oliveira1721.11.2018 15:27:54

This is sweet shep

Mich (@michellerind)
michellerind21.11.2018 15:31:01

Love this

Connor Burke (@cburkefilms)
cburkefilms21.11.2018 15:37:07


Joe Pahlow (@joepahlow)
joepahlow21.11.2018 16:05:09

At least you know now that “the city” means NYC not Baltimore 😂

ljurie21.11.2018 16:17:30

Dude this shot is epic! 16-35 2.8?

Nicole K (@nicolekozin)
nicolekozin21.11.2018 16:18:28

This is awesome

Logan Armstrong (@loganstrongarms)
loganstrongarms21.11.2018 16:36:18

Damn bro. Can’t even imagine shooting in those conditions 😮

Brandon Cohen (@brandoncohen94)
brandoncohen9421.11.2018 16:38:06

Awesome shot bro

Allison Speck (@al_speck)
al_speck21.11.2018 17:01:26

Worst day of my life hahaha took me 6 hours to get home. But love the city.

Spencer Fochtman (@spencerfochtman)
spencerfochtman21.11.2018 17:03:50

Such a wicked shot 🤘🏼

Adrian Kok (@rezin.pics)
rezin.pics21.11.2018 18:33:13


Alec Georigi (@ageorigi)
ageorigi21.11.2018 20:53:09

Great shot dude

H A N A N 🌪 (@helenahanan)
helenahanan21.11.2018 21:30:14

super profil 💓

Evan Phoenix (@evanphoenix2)
evanphoenix222.11.2018 04:03:59

Insane man! Was there today and such an amazing city!

纽约摄影师JackyLam NYC🇺🇸👈🏻📷👉🏻🇨🇳HK (@jphotony)
jphotony23.11.2018 13:27:55

👍 😃

Istvan Gerencser (@lightsinn)
lightsinn27.11.2018 11:27:36

That’s a amazing shot of the Flatiron.

Ivan Marquez (@marquezivan)
marquezivan27.11.2018 17:00:43

Winter magic

effan05.12.2018 02:11:30

Wow!! Such a beautiful shot

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