I’m convinced New Mexico is another planet. From the extraterrestrial landscapes near Shiprock to the endless dunes of White Sands, this place didn’t - Chris Shepherd (@cshep25)
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spencer shipman (@spencershipman_)
spencershipman_24.10.2018 16:57:17

so good

G. (@_gpack)
_gpack24.10.2018 17:00:48

This is next level.

Jeremy Nichols (@locustwildhoney)
locustwildhoney24.10.2018 17:03:47

Doooooope! I want to explore NM so badly. I’ve only ever driven through it

strege.media24.10.2018 17:17:37

Quality improvement in every post is apparent my man!

JESSICA ✵ TAYLOR (@jessicataylorstevenson)
jessicataylorstevenson24.10.2018 17:17:58


Chip_Rittenhouse (@chip_rittenhouse)
chip_rittenhouse24.10.2018 17:22:40

Doesn’t look white to me???

JOE PEABODY (@joepeabody)
joepeabody24.10.2018 17:44:29

This is so siick

LOGAN LAMBERT (@loganlambert)
loganlambert24.10.2018 17:57:08

Super dope

Evan Phoenix (@evanphoenix2)
evanphoenix224.10.2018 18:25:13

So cool!!

Sage Zeplin Stephens (@storyofsage)
storyofsage24.10.2018 21:54:39

Dem silver tones 👌🏽

Kiera Jon (@kierajon713)
kierajon71325.10.2018 12:01:01

Omg. This is so beautiful!

Michael Dean (@michaeldeanofficial)
michaeldeanofficial25.10.2018 12:30:53


alex | dzana | ra (@ladzana)
ladzana27.10.2018 00:15:11

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Good thing the CIA or border patrol didn’t catch us

Born Global (@bornglobalco)
bornglobalco28.10.2018 02:56:53

killing it!🙌

MIKAELA🦋 (@trickyymicky)
trickyymicky31.10.2018 16:43:58


Luke Woolridge (@lukewoolridge)
lukewoolridge02.11.2018 12:21:37

Great shot!

L E X (@whatsnextlex)
whatsnextlex02.11.2018 16:30:30

got that fire

Brian Rosario (@vixchy)
vixchy01.12.2018 15:20:53

Love this!

Jodie (@pickythicky)
pickythicky17.12.2018 17:23:39

@cshep25  what camera did you use for this shot ?

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