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N Ø A H (@noah_castelo)
noah_castelo25.08.2018 20:06:25

Also what camera are you using now?

Jordan (@zuhrawr)
zuhrawr25.08.2018 20:50:10

Congrats man ! So happy for you

K E V I N  E A S S A (@kevineassa)
kevineassa25.08.2018 21:05:24

Sooo sick haha what!!

Jocelyn (@jocgiambrone)
jocgiambrone25.08.2018 21:27:48

Wow so cool!!!!!

Joe Abdellah (@joeabdellah)
joeabdellah25.08.2018 22:32:06


G. (@_gpack)
_gpack25.08.2018 22:53:46

Let’s goooooo. 🙌🏿🕊

G. (@_gpack)
_gpack25.08.2018 22:53:53

Congratulations my brother.

Lex (@lexhirschberg)
lexhirschberg26.08.2018 04:52:37


JAKE IRISH (@jakeirish_)
jakeirish_26.08.2018 07:00:59

SO proud of you man! Cannot wait to see what you experience and create! You’re gonna kill it!

Theresa Böttel (@theresa.bo_)
theresa.bo_26.08.2018 08:59:47

Amazing news! Congrats!

Josh Kale (@joshkale)
joshkale26.08.2018 13:28:25

Super cool!!!

Kalen Rich (@kalenrich)
kalenrich26.08.2018 14:01:29

Congratulations man!!

Heather Mealey (@hotdogheather)
hotdogheather26.08.2018 16:19:51

Is this you?

Todd Thorp (@tthorpedo)
tthorpedo26.08.2018 17:57:45

Proud of ya dude!! Crushing it 💪🏼💪🏼

HEATHER RUIZ | los angeles (@heather_roams)
heather_roams29.08.2018 09:36:40

do you mind if I ask what preset you use? :)

Sage Zeplin Stephens (@storyofsage)
storyofsage31.08.2018 22:20:58

Yew!!! Go kill it in Chi city!

Jacob Redden (@jred_17)
jred_1701.09.2018 01:09:53

No frickin way that’s so dope

Matt Coleman (@mattcolemanfilm)
mattcolemanfilm01.09.2018 01:49:29


Travel✖️Film Maker 🎥✈️🏝 (@matiasderada)
matiasderada01.09.2018 08:05:18

Yewwww!!! Have fun in Chicago and all the other places homie ! See you in October !! 🤙🏼🤙🏼

Iulia Falcutescu (Jules) (@the.traveling.tulip)
the.traveling.tulip07.09.2018 11:16:29

Really nice!

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