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Campus Lens 🎥📸 (@campus.lens)
campus.lens11.06.2018 16:50:02

This is dope Shep!! 🔥🔥

Alex Mckenzie (@alexplore23)
alexplore2311.06.2018 16:53:37


K (@kaykeeley)
kaykeeley11.06.2018 17:09:37

This is unreal

sarah (@shahn94)
shahn9411.06.2018 17:11:02

This is so cool

Logan Armstrong (@loganstrongarms)
loganstrongarms11.06.2018 17:18:38

So gosh darn freaking cool

Sam Boyd (@sam_c_boyd)
sam_c_boyd11.06.2018 17:35:01

Those flares are pristine

Brian Patrick (@itzadoosey)
itzadoosey11.06.2018 22:59:47

Stop being so talented Chris haha

TIFFANY ✯ adventurer ↟ (@tiffanyolivia__)
tiffanyolivia__11.06.2018 23:23:03

Awesomeee! Love how this was shot

Kiera Jon (@kierajon713)
kierajon71312.06.2018 01:19:30

Why....why is your life so much cooler than mine?!

Ania VVozniak (@aniavvozniak)
aniavvozniak12.06.2018 09:58:31

Great shot!!

Ell (@ellvitz)
ellvitz14.06.2018 10:42:06

loving your posts! Just came across your page and thought i'd compliment! Keep up the cool posts. Your feed is looking great! Have a nice day! 💯

Kristen Tetrault (@kristenjean___)
kristenjean___20.06.2018 22:39:35

This is stunning

TOM JAUNCEY (@tomjauncey)
tomjauncey21.06.2018 16:15:19

Except for we never slept 😩🤣 @cshep25 

n°420™ (@blend.420)
blend.42030.06.2018 16:14:37

Wow, that's interesting. Love what you do 😘

kent bossier (@kentbossier)
kentbossier25.07.2018 18:43:10

You are blessed for sure. Very.

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