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Trina Reed Photography (@trinareedphoto)
trinareedphoto29.04.2018 03:12:17

Blown away! This makes me want to learn how to do videography so that I can make amazing vids like this. Especially loved the door thing and under the pier. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Love your perspective!

TOM JAUNCEY (@tomjauncey)
tomjauncey29.04.2018 03:45:27

Nailed it! Absolutely love the edit. I’m back from Jamaica next Tuesday so will message you guys with Arizona details 🙌🏽 @cshep25 

Anthony La Fleur (@lens_laflare)
lens_laflare29.04.2018 03:48:11

Nice edit. Love the use of the push pull effect

evan paterakis (@evanpaterakis)
evanpaterakis29.04.2018 04:03:45

so impressed. Really good job

katiewecht (@katiewecht)
katiewecht29.04.2018 15:43:45

Omg love this

Kyle (@kyledijamco)
kyledijamco30.04.2018 15:10:41

Really sick man

Kyle (@kyledijamco)
kyledijamco30.04.2018 15:10:49

Really sick man

Kyle (@kyledijamco)
kyledijamco30.04.2018 15:10:50

Really sick man

Alpha Aerial Media, LLC (@alphaaerialmedia)
alphaaerialmedia01.05.2018 01:32:44

This video is wild! Amazing editing

spencer shipman (@spencershipman_)
spencershipman_02.05.2018 17:20:29

insane bro

Nazarii Doroshkevych (@dorosh.raw)
dorosh.raw02.05.2018 20:14:31


Orange County Hair Salon🍊 (@northauthentic)
northauthentic07.05.2018 20:04:12

Beautiful feed! Love this vibe! ✨

ZΞB BULTHUIS (@zebdos)
zebdos13.05.2018 22:00:32

Soooo awesome man!

Michael Danila (@michael_danila)
michael_danila16.05.2018 20:09:57

This was killer broo! 🤙

Camille+Niels👫Adventure Travel (@coupleawanderers)
coupleawanderers17.05.2018 02:55:05

Loving your content! Looking forward to following along on your travels!

Greg Malinowski (@mowski21)
mowski2121.06.2018 03:18:10

This is awesome

Keven Zeni (@kevenz_)
kevenz_26.06.2018 06:04:21

I fuck with your vision heavy.. that sound design tho 👀 🙌👌

Jonah Levine (@jonah_levine)
jonah_levine17.07.2018 02:33:18

Dude, I hope you realize how fucking insane this is. Legit some of the best work I've seen

Vegdo (@vegdo_)
vegdo_04.08.2018 02:19:11

Dope Page mate, especially this one👌

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