Thanks to @alexplore23 for showing us these dope sea caves. Almost got trapped in as the tide started to rise but made it out just in time 😅 - Chris Shepherd (@cshep25)
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Chase Devens (@chasedevens)
chasedevens06.04.2018 16:32:28

Taylor cut birds

Logan Armstrong (@loganstrongarms)
loganstrongarms06.04.2018 16:33:07

Bruhhhhhhhh luv this shot 😱😱😱

Israel (@tommymel7)
tommymel706.04.2018 16:34:15


Ryan Serio (@seriovisuals)
seriovisuals06.04.2018 16:34:21

Yewww. So dope

Dine and Travel™ (@dineandtravel)
dineandtravel06.04.2018 16:40:50

Beautiful! Love you to check out our page if you like. :)

Weston Ziton (@weston_ziton23)
weston_ziton2306.04.2018 17:29:41

This is dope!

Kelsey Horn (@kelseyhorn)
kelseyhorn06.04.2018 20:17:15

Omg you’re 15 mins from me!

Reuben Looi | New Zealand (@reubenroams)
reubenroams07.04.2018 07:25:44

Oh damn dude! Sick framing and shot. 😍

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