Photo by @estherhorvath // What I admire most about the work of my dear friend Esther, is her commitment to translating science into story. From the A - Cristina Mittermeier (@cristinamittermeier)
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Colin (@claff21)
claff2105.12.2018 22:07:51

What happened to this turtle? What are we seeing on its stomach?

Esther Horvath (@estherhorvath)
estherhorvath05.12.2018 22:38:33

Cristina, thank you so much for your kindness and sharing my work! 🙏💕

Kristi Garber, Realtor (@kristi.d.garber)
kristi.d.garber05.12.2018 23:49:40

I live in Amelia Island where we have many leatherback turtles that come here to nest. Our island is very active to protect, count and educate the residents about these amazing creatures! #ameliaisland 

Morgan Heim (@moheim)
moheim06.12.2018 06:00:37

I so feel the vulnerability of this turtle and the concern from the caretakers.

Jude (@judithalicesprings)
judithalicesprings05.12.2018 23:04:04

Sad, shocking, irresponsible, unimaginable horrors caused by such senseless greed and selflessness by human nature, greed and self motivation. At the same time, through human knowledge, information, skill, understanding of the monster problems generally of their creation we can eventually repair and improve some of the situations. Let us hope and pray a united motivation by human beings generally can help restore some of the lives of the natural wildlife of this miraculous planet. Let us pray this horror can be turned around to restoring nature's wonder, the life of wildlife on planet earth. Our prays go to the dedicated people who work tirelessly to assist the restoration and support of wildlife on this planet. 🌐🌿🙏🦏🐧🦅🍀🙏🌐

Tyler Morgan (@tylermorgansketchbook)
tylermorgansketchbook05.12.2018 22:27:53

👏👏👏. Heading to Wellfleet cape cod to help the Audubon group there this weekend for sea turtle patrol hoping to not find any but likely to find cold stunned sea turtles washed ashore. Really hope to not find any frozen. Continued climate change issues. :(

I G A L (@its.igal)
its.igal05.12.2018 22:10:51

What causes a sea turtle to become non-releasable? @cristinamittermeier  ❤️

Nick Hawkins (@nickhawkinsphotography)
nickhawkinsphotography05.12.2018 22:34:21

@estherhorvath  👏👏

Karleen Owens (@karleenowens)
karleenowens06.12.2018 02:14:19

We as a species have done this. Shame on us.

Maggie Steber (@maggiesteber)
maggiesteber06.12.2018 14:21:52

I can't think of any higher calling in life than being the people who are dedicated to saving all kinds of animals both on land and in the oceans. And the more we see this kind of photographs that people are taking care, the more we hope that human beings stop wounding animals and start saving them and cherishing them instead.

Caroline Donelle (@carolinedonelle)
carolinedonelle06.12.2018 02:26:33

Shame on governments and corporations that allow the recklessness of our planet.

L.Steele (@bham_confidential)
bham_confidential06.12.2018 02:35:56

What caused this damage on its belly?

Jenni Oman (@jennioman)
jennioman06.12.2018 01:31:34

What I like about your insta (ok, one thing), is that you so graciously share and dote on other talented people! Thank you for expanding my world!

Dawn Fincham (@lifeisbutadreammm)
lifeisbutadreammm06.12.2018 00:16:56

What happened to its belly

Aisha_Ahmed (@ahmedaisha5)
ahmedaisha506.12.2018 06:05:08


Wendy Ennis (@calliopecrowns)
calliopecrowns05.12.2018 22:03:36

@jrimkus2  Does Todd know Esther's work?

Samir (@tantivymuckermaffick)
tantivymuckermaffick07.12.2018 04:37:29

This is heartbreaking. I feel the pain of animals suffering more than that of humans.

Bonnie Elliott (@elliottbonnie)
elliottbonnie06.12.2018 02:37:26

I was at the turtle hospital in the keys just a couplepf weeks ago.

ليندة Leenda (@litiumz3)
litiumz305.12.2018 22:04:30

Thank you Humanity 🦋🦋🦋

Aɴᴀ Sᴍᴏʟᴊᴀɴ (@ana.smoljan)
ana.smoljan06.12.2018 17:43:50


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