El próximo lunes 18 inauguro @insparya_es en Madrid, mi nuevo proyecto sobre salud capilar. Y, si quieres conocerme, solo tienes que entrar en https:/ - Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)
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Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio)
georginagio10.03.2019 12:08:15

Qué belleza💥❤️

ANDREW HENDERSON (@iamandrewhenderson)
iamandrewhenderson10.03.2019 16:04:49


ANDREW HENDERSON (@iamandrewhenderson)
iamandrewhenderson10.03.2019 16:04:47


Miguel paixão (@miguelpaixao7)
miguelpaixao710.03.2019 12:25:51


Fatih AYDIN (@fatihaydin09)
fatihaydin0911.03.2019 04:36:36

You are perfect everytime bro 🔥 @cristiano 

Reynaldy Bonardo (@reyabc)
reyabc11.03.2019 14:49:04

Indonesia <3

Кирилл (@kirill.petrov222)
kirill.petrov22217.03.2019 16:55:18

У меня шок контент 😱

☝️بزن انگشت لامصب رو دکمه آبی😂 (@bacheshar)
bacheshar11.03.2019 13:32:22

⚽️⚽️ 🔝@cristiano  ristiano is the best football player 😍🔥❤️

☝️بزن انگشت لامصب رو دکمه آبی😂 (@bacheshar)
bacheshar11.03.2019 15:00:43


ppouria411.03.2019 15:58:55

Please back cristiano we need you please back🙏🙏🙏@cristiano  @bot.r22  @yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @2krafi 

Manzanita 🍎 (@sharon___69)
sharon___6911.03.2019 17:17:59

@haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @diffamr 

sadie (@ppandiwibowk)
ppandiwibowk12.03.2019 08:41:57

🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 kapan ke persija? @haqnii  @bot.r22  @yogi.mp4  @wiicax  @iniigani 

haqnii (@o_o_ice_memes)
o_o_ice_memes11.03.2019 16:03:37


21mahsaahmadi12.03.2019 14:12:53

@bot.r22  @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @2krafi  💙💙

like_for_oumar_11.03.2019 09:28:00

Hey I’m trying to get likes for oumar niasse and Cuco martina the lords and saviours can u just like my pic and That’s it ! 🔵💙 @haqnni  @earthci  @hala_shab  @diffmar  @2krafi  @yogi.mp4  @auknii 

reileao1234 (@osm_reileao1234)
osm_reileao123411.03.2019 08:38:08

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Are you looking for tactics and help?
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