#TriviaTuesday #ValentinesDay edition: Emperor Penguins, the largest species of penguin in the world, march through the cold of Antarctica to mate and - Conservation International (@conservationorg)
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Pablo Minafra (@ppkaso)
ppkaso12.02.2019 20:27:03

@candy.mercau  ❤️

Anahi Rodriguez (@anahikuroo1)
anahikuroo112.02.2019 18:10:07

@nannie_in_wonderland  read it

mingmongss12.02.2019 23:02:12


Scarlett Sabunka (@scarlettsabunka)
scarlettsabunka12.02.2019 19:46:44

Perhaps we should all take the hint from Emperor Penguins🐧, and start mating like that as well!😂😂😂 (Lots of people probably do that already anyway😉)
Lovely photograph as well!😍

jattybizzy12.02.2019 19:39:51

I’m sooo a penguin! Want to be monogamous but no point waiting around in the bar when they’ve gone to get to the toilet....next! @fumismith  🐧😘

Ashley Mason (@mermaidyogagirlboss)
mermaidyogagirlboss12.02.2019 18:40:29

Interesting, I had no idea! Such a great shot. Mahalo!

Carolina (@carolinecwest)
carolinecwest12.02.2019 18:36:40


Anupam S. Guleria (@anupamsguleria)
anupamsguleria14.02.2019 10:55:33

They are more committed than human beings though. Imagine standing with a egg between the feet, for the entire cold and dark Antarctic winter lasting several months, facing blizzards, without food, all so that your young can hatch from the egg. And it’s the male who does it while female is 200 miles out into the sea fetching food for winters end.

DesRoses FineArts (@desroseslyrics)
desroseslyrics14.02.2019 09:53:56

Amazing 🌹

Linda Tremblay (@lindaltremblay)
lindaltremblay13.02.2019 18:37:52


jacinda (@jacinda_73)
jacinda_7313.02.2019 13:58:03

Happy feet

Caterina Papachristos (@caterinamontreal)
caterinamontreal13.02.2019 13:39:35

☺️ ohh I am in 💘

Nur Rafiqah Razali (@rafiqahrazali)
rafiqahrazali13.02.2019 12:16:03


AHLI_KESEHATAN_HERBAL (@dr_herbaldisini5)
dr_herbaldisini513.02.2019 10:30:22


Alejandra Silva (@1001alejandradas)
1001alejandradas13.02.2019 00:43:13


Valeria 💋👸🇪🇸 (@valfrany27)
valfrany2712.02.2019 20:52:39


Terrestria: The Earth’s Brand (@terrestria.teb)
terrestria.teb12.02.2019 18:27:30

Owww 😍😍😍

Anahi Rodriguez (@anahikuroo1)
anahikuroo112.02.2019 18:09:22

@chrisladder  read this

Pisica Din Vale (@pisicadinvale)
pisicadinvale12.02.2019 17:50:54


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