Meet the leaf katydid. This species of insect is one of the most remarkable leaf-mimics in the #animal world. In addition to being perfect, walking re - Conservation International (@conservationorg)
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Mayuka 🚴🍙🎏 (@maysamazon)
maysamazon09.02.2019 15:08:11

@mdahms  💚

Nathan Nightingale (@icecream_888)
icecream_88808.02.2019 09:20:01

@l_nightingale87  mad ting

Selina Martines (@selinanicolem)
selinanicolem07.02.2019 21:58:00

Jesus Christ!! @jp79smith 

Habitat VR (@habitat_vr)
habitat_vr09.02.2019 15:39:06

Insane. Love love love.

Will Forever (@willforevermusic)
willforevermusic08.02.2019 16:33:36


sos.refugee.children (@sos.refugee.children)
sos.refugee.children08.02.2019 15:53:21


Lucy Lily Townsend (@itslucylily)
itslucylily08.02.2019 12:39:49


Jess Woodgate (@photosfromaroundtheglobe)
photosfromaroundtheglobe08.02.2019 10:41:42


Alejandro De La Peña (@alexandrodlp)
alexandrodlp07.02.2019 21:10:37


Alejandra Silva (@1001alejandradas)
1001alejandradas07.02.2019 21:00:27


Valeria 💋👸🇪🇸 (@valfrany27)
valfrany2707.02.2019 20:43:35


Pilar (@perez.pilarfernandez)
perez.pilarfernandez07.02.2019 20:26:01


Nadina (@nanny7041)
nanny704107.02.2019 19:10:42


Megan Driscoll (@lungmedia)
lungmedia07.02.2019 18:46:42

Absolutely incredible. Genius, humbling, & inspirational. Thank you!

martysz_07.02.2019 18:02:29

Where to find it?

Stephen Michael (@stephenroams)
stephenroams07.02.2019 17:59:35


Dumb Epidemic (@dumbepidemic)
dumbepidemic07.02.2019 17:28:26


👸🏼☀️🌻 (@reneenicool)
reneenicool07.02.2019 17:10:58

@coolguyjasonn  crazy!

Sutan Sahala Muda Marpaung (@sutanmrp)
sutanmrp07.02.2019 17:06:50

I love Walang Daun 😍😍 🍃

The mosaic is the memory (@the_glimpse_ephemeral)
the_glimpse_ephemeral07.02.2019 17:06:26


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