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Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson)
dangerusswilson14.08.2019 19:52:29

Hahaha the best!! 🙌🏾👏🏾😎

ℒᎯ ℒᎯ (@lala)
lala14.08.2019 22:40:00

My boy❤️❤️

Nneka Kings ♠️ (@nekah.xoxo)
nekah.xoxo14.08.2019 19:07:43

I like that your little family is just bagging wins, spending time together, spreading love, investing, showing the internet just enough and living the best life.
I tap into your sweet life and I pray everyone else in need of this testimonial life receives their miracle ❣️

Pauline Lomax (@mzswtp65)
mzswtp6514.08.2019 19:12:56

Baby Boy is a NATURAL, thanks to His Daddy Russell 🙌....🏈⚽🥅⛳⚾🏀🏈🏊

Cliff Avril (@cliffavril)
cliffavril14.08.2019 19:43:47

Y’all motivate us!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Tyler (@tallerbytyler)
tallerbytyler14.08.2019 19:07:20

He has great leg handle 🖤🖤

Ms. T (@shh_lena)
shh_lena14.08.2019 19:07:07

Russell awesome AF!

Bellevue Washington (@425eastside)
425eastside14.08.2019 19:04:57

Future STAR/ATHLETE in the making 🙏🏾

queenshaney (@queenshaney7041)
queenshaney704114.08.2019 19:10:11

He's Good At Any Sport!, Go Future🔥🙌🏽❤

Felicia Dunlap Durham (@feyolo87)
feyolo8714.08.2019 19:34:58

Russ is making sure Zahir is skilled in all types of sports. Great Dad.🙌🏾❤️

Qutie (@prettyoneqa)
prettyoneqa14.08.2019 19:36:21

I just love the way Russell play and spend time with him. Best dad ever💕👌🏼

💋Lisha Baby💋 (@mrz_freeze32)
mrz_freeze3214.08.2019 19:13:21

Russell is so amazing! Love this! ☺️☺️

yvonne (@yrodriques10)
yrodriques1014.08.2019 20:22:16

What a great father Russell is to both his children always playing with them and being so positive, not bragging about his wealth or the jewellery he bought good for you papa Russ ❤️🇬🇧

Starr®💋 (@baddgirl_starr)
baddgirl_starr14.08.2019 19:12:24

You’re such a great mother to both of your kids ❤️❤️

Serette (@whosethischick)
whosethischick14.08.2019 19:10:15

Yayyyy!!! He is fast on those feet!!!

Sonia irabor (@khleo__patra)
khleo__patra14.08.2019 19:31:09

And the award for The best Dad of the Century goes to 🥁🥁🥁⭐️

Ciara (@ciaralite)
ciaralite14.08.2019 19:52:06

IM JUST SOOO PROUD OF YOU C!!! ❤️👑 #blessings 

Ms. zha zha Centerfold (@ms.zha_zha74centerfold)
ms.zha_zha74centerfold14.08.2019 20:18:42

I absolutely love this family...stepdad nope...Father of the year

_iveren_ (@blessjoes)
blessjoes14.08.2019 19:18:22

Wat a father, Russell is a blessing

CottonConnie3 (@cottonconnie3)
cottonconnie314.08.2019 19:06:42

Look at that feet work! 💚💙💚💙 #Baller 

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