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Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud)
iamjhud13.08.2019 17:29:47

Wow yal that is so amazing !!! Congratulations Wilson’s doing great great things

Seattle Sounders FC (@soundersfc)
soundersfc13.08.2019 17:28:09

Welcome to the family! 💚💙

César DeLeön Ramirêz (@cesar4styles)
cesar4styles13.08.2019 21:54:06

Beautiful❤️❤️❤️ Level Up!!!!

Metri Smith (@meechnicole)
meechnicole13.08.2019 17:07:43

“I turned nothing to something, my comeback on one hundred !” Congratulations!! ❤️❤️

daddy. (@ovo.chaa)
ovo.chaa13.08.2019 17:05:12

Okay, at this point you deserve business woman of the year!!! Mama is WORKING!!!!!!

Saudamani "Rebirth" Gray (@saudamanigray)
saudamanigray13.08.2019 17:09:23

This level up is annointed by God..When you leave whats not for you right where its at 🙌🙌❤️👏

Brittney Rogers|RealEstate Pro (@houston_homes_)
houston_homes_13.08.2019 17:04:06

Can y'all adopt me? 🤔😩

sherri (@sssims1)
sssims113.08.2019 17:09:59

Putting all men who can't step up to shame! That's how you rise!!

ThatTime (@thattimethrowbacks)
thattimethrowbacks13.08.2019 17:04:24

Now That's How You #LevelUp! 

Jei Sapphire 💎 (@jeisapphire)
jeisapphire13.08.2019 17:09:08

God has really blessed you with a MAN!!

AYANDA THABETHE (@ayandathabethe_)
ayandathabethe_13.08.2019 17:08:21

This home - powerhouse 💪🏾

DAWN (@dawnrichard)
dawnrichard13.08.2019 17:35:28

Beautiful! Just beautiful mama. Congrats.

T Falice W.♥️ (@tfalice)
tfalice13.08.2019 17:08:53

I’m just loving all the black business ownership you two are embarking on! Wish you many years of business success🙌🏽🙏🏾♥️

No Paparazzi's  Plz 📷 (@hysiditychic2k)
hysiditychic2k13.08.2019 17:07:34

The Level up is crazy 💪🏽

Lucy (@cosmicgoddess3)
cosmicgoddess313.08.2019 18:12:20

Oh how different life is when you have a supportive partner that wants to build with you...that's exactly why I will never settle for less 👏🏾

L Young (@mzyoungl)
mzyoungl13.08.2019 17:06:08

Wow! Y'all just keep making family business moves🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️

B.Reed💕 (@simplybre______)
simplybre______13.08.2019 17:07:35

Generation wealth 🤑💸💰

Yolonda Frederick (@yolondafrederick)
yolondafrederick13.08.2019 17:24:15

Yey!!!!!! This is incredible✔️

Anita Elberse (@anitaelberse)
anitaelberse13.08.2019 18:23:17

Congratulations!!! Amazing. Ownership is what it’s all about! 🙌

brandy (@brandyyjc)
brandyyjc13.08.2019 17:10:09

Always making major moves. All while being such a positive beautiful family. Congrats!!❤️❤️

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