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Tika  THE SNACK ENTHUSIAST (@thesnackenthusiast)
thesnackenthusiast12.08.2019 22:27:54

I remember Ciara in high school and she truly was her own clique. She was uniquely her self (still is) and never really let what ppl would say change her.

brandy (@brandyyjc)
brandyyjc12.08.2019 22:20:57

Great advice and it seemed like she needed to hear that. This is why I love Ciara 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Dez (@smalls5888)
smalls588812.08.2019 22:16:31

Awww Alex seems like such a sweet girl. With social media these kids have it harder imo

alexbishop6146 (@abishop6146)
abishop614613.08.2019 02:15:04

That is ME !!!!! Thank you Ciara you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Renee (@reneewriteon)
reneewriteon12.08.2019 22:16:51

I like that Ci... "Be your own clique" 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Tara Jackson (@tlynne203)
tlynne20312.08.2019 22:47:56

Whew!!! I had to send this to my daughter first couple of days in college has been a struggle🙏🙏

SHAPE: fitness, beauty, celebs (@shape)
shape13.08.2019 01:23:39


TheCameraKing (@thecameraking)
thecameraking12.08.2019 22:41:34


BrooklynSimone (@freespiritslivelonger)
freespiritslivelonger12.08.2019 22:22:11

Great advice you gave to the young Queen! All love to you Queen Ciara!! 🥰👸🏽❤

♡ (@crystal.gem)
crystal.gem12.08.2019 23:36:44

I enjoyed listening to your encouraging words yesterday Ciara, thank you so much. You truly glow from within ✨ ps I love you.

happy day (@alayna_bb2.0)
alayna_bb2.012.08.2019 23:25:54

Omg that is me

Debra (@lyrics50)
lyrics5013.08.2019 02:57:27

This is why you are a⭐️

Angela Russell (@nw.runner.girl)
nw.runner.girl13.08.2019 00:30:07

This girl is my niece!! I’m so so proud!!

CottonConnie3 (@cottonconnie3)
cottonconnie312.08.2019 22:54:30

Speak it! Words are powerful! ❤️

Mrs.Segovia (@chrissy1202)
chrissy120212.08.2019 22:17:14

I've always said this to my baby girl #beyourownclick  #nevertrytofitin  #beyou  #betruetoyourself  #beloyaltoyou 

Delois Croskey (@deloiscroskey)
deloiscroskey12.08.2019 23:07:17

Love your words of wisdom and inspiration. So beautiful and true. "Be your own clique". Great advice.♥️♥️♥️

Diamond. ⛅️ (@diamondshanel_)
diamondshanel_12.08.2019 22:15:33


Celeste Thrower-Kennie (@lady_ctk)
lady_ctk13.08.2019 00:20:15

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️ Great advice Ciara!!❤️❤️❤️

Felicia Dunlap Durham (@feyolo87)
feyolo8712.08.2019 22:46:04

Great seed of wisdom to share with her. ❤️

God First🙏🏿 sudan🇸🇩 (@sudani_alex)
sudani_alex12.08.2019 22:12:32


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