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eminacunmulaj (@eminacunmulaj)
eminacunmulaj07.11.2018 22:22:59

Omg melt ❤️❤️

Maria  Herrera (@maria.m.herrera)
maria.m.herrera07.11.2018 21:43:37

The dog just waiting for something to drop lol 😂

Ivana (@ivanah1980)
ivanah198007.11.2018 21:45:35

She looks just like her daddy

[Kwa-Nah]🥀 (@quanabee)
quanabee07.11.2018 21:44:54

The doggies are like, “finally a human who gets us!!” Lol

💋 (@xdeardollface)
xdeardollface07.11.2018 21:51:27

Boyyyy when she looked at the camera, all I saw was Russell lol

Keegan Marcellus (@foxy_bishounen)
foxy_bishounen07.11.2018 21:47:57

She been watching the dog eat.😂

LeToya Luckett-Walker (@letoyaluckett)
letoyaluckett07.11.2018 23:04:51

I can’t take all this cuteness!! 😍❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾

Monica Brown (@mo_brown2524)
mo_brown252407.11.2018 21:45:43

Sienna figures dogs have an easier time eating, so why not?! Lol Too cute

MyMassageTherapist, LMP (@my1ofakind)
my1ofakind07.11.2018 21:45:32

She said forget the spoon I am using what GOD gave me!!! 😂✨🙌🏾✨ #angeltalk  beautiful baby girl

SisterLove (@jazzydrea)
jazzydrea07.11.2018 21:49:40

😂🤣 Sienna said she ain't got time for that

Heather Gut (@gootgirl)
gootgirl07.11.2018 21:49:30

She looks just like her daddy

"Next Up" Been Lit U Late (@iambriannafamous)
iambriannafamous07.11.2018 21:51:22

She literally has his whole face

nicoletm52207.11.2018 21:45:14

Awwwww. She sounds exactly like Randy from A Christmas Story when his mom asked him to show her how the piggies eat 😂😭❤️

Michelle Bass (@dlovely1969)
dlovely196907.11.2018 21:45:11

Oh baby Sienna a lefty! I’m a lefty @ciara  she is beautiful

ZARTHAN 👽🛸 (@therealjimmiimontana)
therealjimmiimontana07.11.2018 21:53:05

The dog got the whole vibrating massage pillow around it’s neck ... living LAVISH! Never too lavish to eat off the flo tho... go head Sienna... drop summin lol 😂

Tenille (@tenille_tenille_)
tenille_tenille_07.11.2018 21:47:50

@ciara  ... I have 2 daughters one named Ciara and Sienna 💗💗😂

Dena Michele365 (@denamichele365)
denamichele36507.11.2018 21:49:46

The way the dog was looking tho 🤣

“The Bae” (@sixhampton)
sixhampton07.11.2018 21:52:00

She has so much personality from all the videos I’ve seen. Definitely seems like she’s going to be her own person. I love this ❤️ keep sharing we LOVE sienna !

Shanita NiNi Ingram (@sincerely_nini_)
sincerely_nini_07.11.2018 21:45:39

She looks like her Papa 😍

Yolonda Frederick (@yolondafrederick)
yolondafrederick07.11.2018 22:43:50

She’s something else! 😂🙃💗 #cutie 

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