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zluck0011.12.2018 06:15:31

Ciara your genes 🧬 are weak. They both kids look like their dads😂😍

Tamira Roberts (@mrscadoreethatiz)
mrscadoreethatiz12.12.2018 17:05:42

The dog is like "that's how I eat!"😂😂😂

CHONDV (@chondv)
chondv13.12.2018 03:41:58


nonchalant_s14.12.2018 12:15:07


Deborah Haynes Brannon (@brannonhaynesdeborah)
brannonhaynesdeborah16.12.2018 17:05:52


🗺Tourism Student |25| (@pauli3593)
pauli359316.12.2018 19:32:52

@_karina_hh  weiß nicht ob ich dich schon mal verlinkt habe 😅

Tina Sloan Garvin (@trinasgarvin)
trinasgarvin17.12.2018 00:49:45


Aysia (@miyo_co_)
miyo_co_18.12.2018 08:38:23

Why does this remind me of that scene from “a Christmas story” 😂😂

4everglad (@gb25053)
gb2505318.12.2018 13:54:50

She watched the dog a ittle to much😂

Jazmin Edward (@jazminedward)
jazminedward19.12.2018 01:28:12

So cute

not_ur_mrs19.12.2018 21:24:44

She knows she being silly too 😂 so cute

Sianna Valle👄🥰 (@siannavalle)
siannavalle22.12.2018 02:36:54

Lol my name is Sianna

Danni Barker (@dd_bae1)
dd_bae126.12.2018 02:38:27

She is so cute🙌

💕💋caramelpunkinpie💋💕 (@caramelbrown_eyes)
caramelbrown_eyes28.12.2018 01:14:19

That little laugh was SUPER cute...just like her...awwww

Corenelius Robinson (@coreyr1992)
coreyr199201.01.2019 11:25:08

Lol look at how the dog looking 😭😭😭 cute vid @ciara  ❤️ ❤️

Mo~Mo (@urby_fergie)
urby_fergie06.01.2019 15:56:16

And she's a lefty 😍😍😍

monty_ree08.01.2019 16:03:33

@tayeteezy  how did I miss this post!! 😍 #eat  #spoon  #toddlergiggles 

MzBozz (@sittin_pr3ttii)
sittin_pr3ttii14.01.2019 22:30:41

She said she wants first dips.. the spoon was taking all the flavor 😂😂..too cute😍

Kiki (real Nickname)😬🥰 (@shinningstar1984)
shinningstar198418.01.2019 14:12:32

She get that from the dogs

Ashlei Kilgore (@ashleikilgore)
ashleikilgore20.01.2019 15:11:18

The dogs like, she aint get this shit from me😂😂

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