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Anna 🌟 (@annacrisenza)
annacrisenza27.09.2018 07:16:37

Spettacolare 😍

💕VaccaroFamily💕 (@lisamich74)
lisamich7407.10.2018 15:02:51

It looks like a mushroom

Staci McLeod (@stacimcleod)
stacimcleod08.10.2018 04:09:07


Michael Hayes (@fishdr.od)
fishdr.od09.10.2018 03:43:37


Arati Mishra (@lens._.love._.life)
lens._.love._.life11.10.2018 04:40:55

Amazing ♥️

amanda hoop panda (@thislittlescorpion)
thislittlescorpion18.10.2018 06:19:56

@kingandkingranch  and @sashacastellino  you gotta see this

Teresa Schwingel (@tjschwingel)
tjschwingel22.10.2018 00:23:15

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!

Vivi DeZ (@vyvydez)
vyvydez22.10.2018 14:24:19

A gift 😍🙏

Trish Anderson (@mammat08)
mammat0823.10.2018 01:52:09

Absolutely magnificent ❣️❤️❤️❤️👏👏

Bec Leitner (@becbecbecbecbec)
becbecbecbecbec23.10.2018 07:26:03

This is so beautiful!

Mythy Tran (@mythytran)
mythytran23.10.2018 20:05:55

@ctatran  @t_burrr  another look

Bryan Fantetti (@cichorium_intybus)
cichorium_intybus27.10.2018 12:44:02

@christineeckstrom  The centre reminds me of a Bull Head Water Lily (Nuphar lutea), native to Canada and the United States. Beautiful photo!💚

laly mendoza (@laly_erica)
laly_erica27.10.2018 12:52:33

Simplemente hermosa 💜

susiehambleton28.10.2018 08:03:14

This is so beautiful 🙌🏻

moonifesting (@moonifesting)
moonifesting12.11.2018 11:09:39


globetrotter (@global_traveldiaries)
global_traveldiaries17.11.2018 09:54:15

What a remarkable flower. Never seen anything like this; or heard about it. Thanks for sharing this 🙏 This is certainly nature at its best.

James Scott (@mosaicofplace)
mosaicofplace20.11.2018 03:05:31


leonsapphire (@leonsapphire333)
leonsapphire33320.11.2018 06:02:26

Extraordinary nature...thanks for such a beautiful pic and info...

Jeannette (@magenta_mama)
magenta_mama05.12.2018 02:37:56


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