Baby bonobos are transported to the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary as traumatized orphans when their mothers are killed by poachers for bush meat. The infan - Chris Eckstrom (@christineeckstrom)
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s.j.mckenzie (@s.j.mckenzie)
s.j.mckenzie25.07.2018 21:52:35

Amazing story and so appreciate your calling attention to it. ❤️

Safia Zaffarullah (@safia_z)
safia_z26.07.2018 14:13:05

Incredible and beautiful work @adelamus 

Flyin Ryan (@flyin_ryan_productions_)
flyin_ryan_productions_30.07.2018 04:54:38


t.bowser30.07.2018 08:43:39

@theshanedawg  I want to be a baby bonobo mom 🙊

Susan Hoff (@pompoms66)
pompoms6630.07.2018 12:29:28

These are stories you must tell the world; you have a unique position and we are grateful you share so generously with the rest of us who will never get to experience these treasures. Thank you and be safe out there!

Silencio (@silenciomar)
silenciomar01.08.2018 22:15:35


rich (@richseibert)
richseibert07.08.2018 05:12:23

So sweet! And so inspiring!!

Martina (@martains)
martains13.08.2018 04:49:29

Thanks for the incredible chance of view the greatness of nature! Can’t wait for my next time to travel and learn more from the wild.

Sherry Harpster (@redhead1226)
redhead122617.08.2018 13:30:00

Thankyou for all that you and Frans do to bring us this insight. Otherwise most of us would never know or see. I felt so happy seeing this picture. Your happiness transferred to me.

Raiza Alexis (@raiza.aa)
raiza.aa23.08.2018 07:25:31


Antake (@antakephoto)
antakephoto27.08.2018 03:14:34

What a beautiful job. A beautiful expression of love. ♥️🇧🇷

Wedder Reis (@wedder.reis)
wedder.reis04.09.2018 12:14:33

Beautiful moment. Amazing shot! ⚘❤🦍

Diêm Camille G. (@diemcamille)
diemcamille07.09.2018 09:40:30

@emi_nado  this literally makes me cry. ❤️

Arben (@arbensrdmr)
arbensrdmr07.09.2018 09:52:25


Gray Luke moon (@graylukemoon)
graylukemoon12.09.2018 16:58:07


India (@almadarosario05)
almadarosario0513.09.2018 04:24:15

OMG I would like to be you there!

Graça Bernardes (@gracinha_silva)
gracinha_silva16.09.2018 03:28:38

Foto linda,vc é muito linda demais
nargess.hm20.09.2018 08:04:40


My.Artgate (@nargess__moghadam)
nargess__moghadam21.09.2018 06:31:21

Great capture 👌

🌲🌵🌳🌾🌿🌱🌰 (@lbs_______2)
lbs_______225.09.2018 05:56:47


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