Baby bonobos are transported to the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary as traumatized orphans when their mothers are killed by poachers for bush meat. The infan - Chris Eckstrom (@christineeckstrom)
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Wedder Reis (@wedder.reis)
wedder.reis04.09.2018 12:14:33

Beautiful moment. Amazing shot! ⚘❤🦍

Diêm Camille G. (@diemcamille)
diemcamille07.09.2018 09:40:30

@emi_nado  this literally makes me cry. ❤️

Arben (@arbensrdmr)
arbensrdmr07.09.2018 09:52:25


Gray Luke moon (@graylukemoon)
graylukemoon12.09.2018 16:58:07


India (@almadarosario05)
almadarosario0513.09.2018 04:24:15

OMG I would like to be you there!

Graça Bernardes (@gracinha_silva)
gracinha_silva16.09.2018 03:28:38

Foto linda,vc é muito linda demais
nargess.hm20.09.2018 08:04:40


My.Artgate (@nargess__mghdm)
nargess__mghdm21.09.2018 06:31:21

Great capture 👌

🌲🌵🌳🌾🌿🌱🌰 (@lbs_______2)
lbs_______225.09.2018 05:56:47


Sirena (@sirena_1031)
sirena_103127.10.2018 10:40:23

Absolutely heart warming story. She looks very happy, like a happiness we should all experience, at least once in our lifetime. ❤️

Jeannie (@jgarl21)
jgarl2127.10.2018 19:25:42

This is incredible. Seriously my dream job. You all are so inspiring.

Jeannie (@jgarl21)
jgarl2127.10.2018 19:26:31


Maggi (@xc.maggi.xc)
xc.maggi.xc04.11.2018 18:53:24

Beautiful pic 😍🌺🍀

globetrotter (@global_traveldiaries)
global_traveldiaries17.11.2018 09:58:46

Love that soulful smile on your face.. beautiful pic.

Ruth (@abrilmiestrella)
abrilmiestrella21.11.2018 22:17:01


⚜️Sonja ⚜️ (@pure_and_simple_is_beautiful)
pure_and_simple_is_beautiful22.11.2018 09:51:32


Eka Tsanava (@ekaterina_dulovna)
ekaterina_dulovna24.11.2018 09:44:48

Overwhelming.... 💕💕❤️❤️

ManSolo (@solospiritraveler)
solospiritraveler03.12.2018 20:59:46

That must have been a truly beautiful moment.

Ugrl.Home (@ugrl.home)
ugrl.home03.12.2018 23:16:13

So lovely this picture ❤️🙏🏼

Giselle Schramek ♒🌟💚 (@giselleschramek_official)
giselleschramek_official13.12.2018 08:20:00

Awnnnn 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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