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¥@ѕзг (@just.ya3er)
just.ya3er09.10.2018 19:12:05

The apple don't fall far frome the tree... you look exactly like her

Чумный доктор (@aeterna_plaga)
aeterna_plaga11.10.2018 09:58:41

Какая у вас красивая мама)

Ashkan Majani (@ashkan.mj2)
ashkan.mj216.10.2018 18:59:03


Ashkan Majani (@ashkan.mj2)
ashkan.mj216.10.2018 18:59:22

Your mom is very nice...❤❤

Tom Hofmann (@edwardthomas479)
edwardthomas47918.10.2018 05:06:13

I know your mom is an actress what were some of her movies was she in the movie the watermellon man as the wife she looks so familiar.

Gabriela 🦋 (@gabbbyyt)
gabbbyyt18.10.2018 22:03:24

@daniguerracava  hasta su mamá se parece a la tuya 😱😱

León Labrador (@leon_labrador)
leon_labrador20.10.2018 04:45:40

Bella fotografía!!! Y tú madre muy hermosa igual que tú...❤️

james alain dorian (@jamesalaindorian619)
jamesalaindorian61928.10.2018 23:23:23

Why don't you want to...fall in love Chloe if it's the only thing that's keeps you happy... ideally the person you keep trying to remember in your dreams might be something you haven't met yet until upon approach...(in a way now I'm seeing us trying to look like statues until we talk...that why the thought of porcelain dolls in a storyboard comic form seems entirely like a plan I have not seen created yet...at one point the thought of teddy bear buying a doll at this age...and us trying to ask our parents what toys they had ...leaves us Twitter payted in thought...

james alain dorian (@jamesalaindorian619)
jamesalaindorian61928.10.2018 23:23:46

Let's see if we can ask

@БDУL (@a_a_a_004)
a_a_a_00404.11.2018 22:00:08

😢😢😢😢 mama 😢😢😢😢

Shawn Spurrier (@shawn.spurrier.1)
shawn.spurrier.124.11.2018 20:02:41

I hope it’s not inappropriate that say, but she has grown to be so beautiful just like her mother before her....

Lilian Kuo (@lilian199209)
lilian19920910.12.2018 02:46:09

@kobe0323  第一張根本就一個模子!!

Samuel Evloev (@samuelevloev)
samuelevloev10.12.2018 17:34:03

She is beautiful

mahmut (@mahmutsezer6161)
mahmutsezer616119.12.2018 08:43:53


DIS (@daryamikusget)
daryamikusget29.12.2018 17:23:21


Oluniyi israel (@oluniyii)
oluniyii05.01.2019 08:43:52


مھدي الماجد (@mahdinezarr)
mahdinezarr05.01.2019 14:15:17


Sourav Dehuri (@thesouravdehuri)
thesouravdehuri17.01.2019 17:02:42

Like mom, like daughter

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