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Brock (@ceney__buddy)
ceney__buddy08.02.2019 15:33:21

The LEGO version looks better than the real yhing

Nethaniel Pewitt (@nethanielpewitt)
nethanielpewitt08.02.2019 15:09:54

"Strongest" bring back the square body then we can talk about strong

carmen vidal (@carmen_vidal29)
carmen_vidal2908.02.2019 15:14:35


Vagesh (@xxvageshxx)
xxvageshxx08.02.2019 15:55:24


Jared Champagne (@yamahaturd)
yamahaturd08.02.2019 15:47:41

Pretty bad when the LEGO one looks better than the real one

jesus_baav09.02.2019 01:03:44


Kenny Buck (@kennyduckbuck)
kennyduckbuck08.02.2019 21:59:22

Wait isn’t it the new 2020..... not 2019.... am I wrong?

Don Hughes (@donhughes93307)
donhughes9330709.02.2019 00:50:21

Coming soon to a show room in 2020 the very first plastic truck. Currently working a wood model as well.

Andrew McLamb (@am_aser16)
am_aser1608.02.2019 15:58:52

Make this a lego set ill buy one

Gawain Wheatley (@jewbie925)
jewbie92509.02.2019 17:33:25

@chevrolet  must of hired fords designer cause the new truck is horrible

👑RAMiN👑 (@raminnasseri_)
raminnasseri_08.02.2019 21:55:25


Alex Valdez Gonzalez (@alex_valdezg)
alex_valdezg08.02.2019 15:27:20

@bernmuzquiz  @cesarrg 

Andrew King (@andrew_kindom)
andrew_kindom08.02.2019 15:14:54


Badooor99 (@_77x27_)
_77x27_08.02.2019 15:07:45


BobbeDigital (@iambobbedigital_tbss)
iambobbedigital_tbss08.02.2019 16:43:50

@nutt_gone_nuttso  😂

Reggie Nillo (@r_nil.exe)
r_nil.exe10.02.2019 15:47:54

How much for this LEGO kit

Hiester Chevrolet - Lillington (@jhcoflillington)
jhcoflillington10.02.2019 12:48:27

Check us out! Chevrolet dealer in NC

Bryant Marquez (@bryantslife)
bryantslife10.02.2019 02:13:16


Meme (@white.privlige.meme)
white.privlige.meme09.02.2019 20:25:15

Yes because kids love Chevys

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