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George Merusi III (@georgemerusi)
georgemerusi12.05.2018 01:20:12

I have one. It shorted out within the first two months I had it, left me stuck had to get it towed. Transmission is garbage too. Never in the right gear and randomly bang shifts 1st when you roll from a stop light. Also the start stop function can’t be shut off. Every time mine restarts it shrieks like what happens when you turn the key on a car that is running already.

Mark Szczepaniak (@malorkis45)
malorkis4511.05.2018 21:36:08

I don't like that the engine and transmission are now made in Mexico. Gonna look at into a Honda Pilot now.

W A C K (@wack_ass_memes)
wack_ass_memes11.05.2018 18:19:51

Hey @chevrolet  could you’ve thought of at least another 45 things that the mom does that the dad doesn’t? Because apparently dads only good for flipping pancakes, And the sister is a soccer player but the brother is a singer? Lmfao 😂😂

isabella (@isabelladitursi)
isabelladitursi11.05.2018 15:28:53

@victoria.ditursi  @jdit10  I'm more excited then mom is haha

Rain Rain (@briandurain8923)
briandurain892311.05.2018 23:48:42

Bring back the cobalt😰

🦏Carlos🦏 (@devilsapprentice722)
devilsapprentice72211.05.2018 16:15:42


Adam Kusuma Gray (@adamtrnt01)
adamtrnt0111.05.2018 15:08:59

What chevy is this? I like all about it

Jason Haddad (@jasonzhaddad)
jasonzhaddad12.05.2018 08:59:17

@christina_abk  this is a good car ain't it

Joe Silva (@joesilva4239)
joesilva423912.05.2018 01:01:09

Wonder if Chevy would want to give an old man a new car my Chevy truck has 134,700 miles on it

hemn.mahmmod (@hemn.hemn1984)
hemn.hemn198411.05.2018 15:23:08

Name and model of the car plz ??

Tucker William (@stormchaser02)
stormchaser0211.05.2018 16:44:04

I saw a lot of things on that mom list that belongs on the dad list. Like what wife says oh the sink is leaking im gonna fix it. They either call a real plumber or make the husband do it. #FakeAf 

Christopher H Katato (@bugatti.bentley)
bugatti.bentley11.05.2018 23:27:52

Yeah great👌

Geronimo 78 (@geronimo_78)
geronimo_7811.05.2018 16:45:54


Hasrina Moktar (@hasrina.moktar)
hasrina.moktar24.05.2018 00:03:25


Starling Chevrolet (@starlingchevymp)
starlingchevymp23.05.2018 14:46:03


Jay (@trickabitchjay)
trickabitchjay16.05.2018 13:14:58

I got some real game for yall youngsta’s on my page

David Canavan (@iamcanavan)
iamcanavan16.05.2018 11:57:53

Brother should be in Hockey. Good grief.

.... (@sajjad.m.9)
sajjad.m.916.05.2018 09:20:11

Follow me guys😊😘😗

RacersGram® (@racersgram)
racersgram16.05.2018 04:59:50

Hey guys! Follow us for the best automotive content! Wont disappoint you.

elvin.fishman16.05.2018 03:18:57

So true !

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