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Reynolds Used Car Dept (@reynoldsusedcardept)
reynoldsusedcardept03.07.2018 06:21:05


Patricia Anthony (@patricia7761)
patricia776103.07.2018 21:50:00

One year, and we're still together, loving my Malibu

A L I   T A L A B A N Y (@alitalabany)
alitalabany10.07.2018 19:41:52

How to link onstar to Mylink ?? Any one can help?

I Dont Know And Care No More😔😑 (@queensavageka)
queensavageka10.07.2018 22:00:43

I can help you I think @alitalabany 

Alneyadi (@a.alneyadi7)
a.alneyadi716.07.2018 07:32:09

@chevrolet  Why was the production of the most important Cabres and Lumina SS cars stopped in the Gulf?

دکتر زبان آموزش مکالمه آنلاین (@drzaban)
drzaban17.07.2018 04:27:41


Taiye (@betterwithcoke)
betterwithcoke05.08.2018 15:45:18

The Malibu allows water to leak into the trunk. It causes a terrible odor. Chevy will not fix it. Buyer beware

ace_4x4_yooper08.08.2018 21:14:28

Until you go into the dealership and find out you have cracked ring lands in your pistons lol

Jen Goodwin (@jengoodwin130)
jengoodwin13010.08.2018 18:19:18

@chevrolet  I leased a 2016 Malibu and it was the WORST decision I have ever made. Maybe a polite person (I have already dealt with someone who had a terrible attitude) from Customer Service can contact me.... Case # 8-4504948718!

Вечно молодой 🔥 (@molodoy__a)
molodoy__a24.09.2018 16:04:38


Kyle (@stark.industries23)
stark.industries2309.10.2018 13:02:54

Bought me a 2011 Malibu LTZ as my first car and I’m loving every mile of it!! #teamchevy 

Licia Michelle (@liciamichelle__)
liciamichelle__10.10.2018 18:18:16

Love mine 😍😍😍

misswendolyn27.10.2018 23:01:26

Love my new BU

Kurt Spindler (@kurt_spindler)
kurt_spindler28.11.2018 20:03:25

Shame on Chevrolet and General Motors for the death of the current Chevrolet Impala. The most iconic Chevrolet model ever, with the current generation Impala being not only the best Impala, but also the best vehicle that Chevrolet has ever made. The new Malibu which you heavily advertise unlike the Impala, still takes a back seat to the Impala,

Kurt Spindler (@kurt_spindler)
kurt_spindler28.11.2018 20:07:50

Impala sales fell because you never advertised it after the first year of its makeover in 2014, when it was named car of the year. Since then, you have only advertised SUV's, trucks, and the Malibu. A vehicle cannot always just sell itself, like you expected the Impala and other non advertised Chevrolet and GM models to do.

Kurt Spindler (@kurt_spindler)
kurt_spindler28.11.2018 20:12:14

One of your TV commercials shows your award winning vehicles including the Malibu, and various SUV's and trucks. You completely and deliberately ignore, hide, and bury the fact, that the current Impala was also an award winning car.

Kurt Spindler (@kurt_spindler)
kurt_spindler28.11.2018 20:16:29


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