Go for the good-looking, adventurous type. #ChevyMalibu - chevrolet (@chevrolet)
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nothing to chance (@_onceb4now)
_onceb4now19.05.2018 21:03:30

Maxed out 2.2

Ebrahim Bazrafshan (@ebi.bzn)
ebi.bzn23.05.2018 19:43:27


pmogs105.06.2018 17:11:08

MAKE A SS PACKAGE‼️‼️‼️@chevrolet  @chevroletperformance 

ARODALLDAY (@arodallday)
arodallday06.06.2018 19:43:38

@chevrolet  on behalf of all Arizonans, we do not want any feature that interferes with the AC blowing at full blast. Ie. Auto-stop or when making a call.

ronin_911908.06.2018 11:39:39

Hi american people we have very nice. A car,thats perayd ,we want expert it to america,but you promise expert chev to iran ok?

Wil Anglemyer (@w_angle27)
w_angle2720.06.2018 02:58:20

Made in Kansas

discography 💿 (@discographycds)
discographycds20.06.2018 13:20:17

Pena q não fez sucesso aqui no Brasil.

Reynolds Used Car Dept (@reynoldsusedcardept)
reynoldsusedcardept03.07.2018 06:21:05


Patricia Anthony (@patricia7761)
patricia776103.07.2018 21:50:00

One year, and we're still together, loving my Malibu

A L I   T A L A B A N Y (@alitalabany)
alitalabany10.07.2018 19:41:52

How to link onstar to Mylink ?? Any one can help?

💔 (@queensavageka)
queensavageka10.07.2018 22:00:43

I can help you I think @alitalabany 

Alneyadi (@a.alneyadi7)
a.alneyadi716.07.2018 07:32:09

@chevrolet  Why was the production of the most important Cabres and Lumina SS cars stopped in the Gulf?

دکتر زبان آموزش مکالمه آنلاین (@drzaban)
drzaban17.07.2018 04:27:41


Diego Garcia (@woody_jetski)
woody_jetski27.07.2018 06:10:57


Taiye (@betterwithcoke)
betterwithcoke05.08.2018 15:45:18

The Malibu allows water to leak into the trunk. It causes a terrible odor. Chevy will not fix it. Buyer beware

ace_4x4_yooper08.08.2018 21:14:28

Until you go into the dealership and find out you have cracked ring lands in your pistons lol

Jen Goodwin (@jengoodwin130)
jengoodwin13010.08.2018 18:19:18

@chevrolet  I leased a 2016 Malibu and it was the WORST decision I have ever made. Maybe a polite person (I have already dealt with someone who had a terrible attitude) from Customer Service can contact me.... Case # 8-4504948718!

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