Go for the good-looking, adventurous type. #ChevyMalibu - chevrolet (@chevrolet)
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Karina Sanchez (@kariisanch)
kariisanch08.04.2018 16:52:15

I’ve been eyeing a Chevy Malibu for a long while. I want this to be my first car!

Matt (@saskgtr)
saskgtr11.04.2018 08:37:19

Two awkward, smiling grills.

Fatima Faraj (@fatima_faraj1989)
fatima_faraj198918.04.2018 06:22:21

My baby ❤️

#Aimingfor #ToptierMusic 🚁 🥇 (@biigkriis)
biigkriis25.04.2018 17:29:51

2019 Monte Carlo SS sign me up

Silicars cosmetics💣💣💥 (@silicars)
silicars02.05.2018 09:33:16


Dante (@hd_mephis)
hd_mephis03.05.2018 23:15:49

Bring back the SS you fools

Hell yeah (@ofsuvs)
ofsuvs04.05.2018 22:12:02


Hell yeah (@ofsuvs)
ofsuvs04.05.2018 22:12:28

These cars are amazing though!

C £ A R A • £ R (@lirarussell)
lirarussell05.05.2018 13:41:31

BOTH my husband, and purchased a 2017 Chevy Malibu. IT WAS THE WORST DECISION EVER. I should have read peoples reviews before our purchase. Both our cars have been taken in at least 8 times. 1.) the antena in the back was recalled, and would cause water to come in when you had a car wash. 2.) There was a harness issue when you put the heater on causing a running water noise when you stopped. 3) MY CAR ENGINE LIGHT JUST CAME ON YESTERDAY! I’ve only had it for 5 months! 4) There was a noise coming from light panel inside when you drove it in tough roads. Not to mention my friend has the same car and has had similar issues!!!!

Nickson Medirect (@nick__blessed)
nick__blessed09.05.2018 06:56:57

Bought me a brand new one on the 4th and I love it. Great customer service

nothing to chance (@_onceb4now)
_onceb4now19.05.2018 21:03:30

Maxed out 2.2

Ebrahim Bazrafshan (@ebi.bzn)
ebi.bzn23.05.2018 19:43:27


pmogs105.06.2018 17:11:08

MAKE A SS PACKAGE‼️‼️‼️@chevrolet  @chevroletperformance 

ARODALLDAY (@arodallday)
arodallday06.06.2018 19:43:38

@chevrolet  on behalf of all Arizonans, we do not want any feature that interferes with the AC blowing at full blast. Ie. Auto-stop or when making a call.

omid_z_9108.06.2018 11:39:39

Hi american people we have very nice. A car,thats perayd ,we want expert it to america,but you promise expert chev to iran ok?

Wil Anglemyer (@w_angle27)
w_angle2720.06.2018 02:58:20

Made in Kansas

discography 💿 (@discographycds)
discographycds20.06.2018 13:20:17

Pena q não fez sucesso aqui no Brasil.

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