Go for the good-looking, adventurous type. #ChevyMalibu - chevrolet (@chevrolet)
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ali.karimi54 (@ali.karimi_1354)
ali.karimi_135409.03.2018 11:23:16


Adam Moretuzzo (@tuzzo104)
tuzzo10409.03.2018 11:24:46

2.0T in the premier is a sporty car

Fadi S Yono (@fadi.yono)
fadi.yono09.03.2018 11:27:49

@noor_jarbo  اي شبيك هي بس شكل 😂 قابل كاتبين good performance

Levi Mitchell (@levimitchellmt)
levimitchellmt09.03.2018 11:31:41

My car... just cleaner. Can't wait for the weather to get better so I can clean my car.

Levi Mitchell (@levimitchellmt)
levimitchellmt09.03.2018 11:32:58

@dwdoubleu  Its A Sedan So...

Levi Mitchell (@levimitchellmt)
levimitchellmt09.03.2018 11:36:10

@eleno_ss  250hp was a lot of horsepower out of a v8 back in the 80s, now they are getting that out of the 2.0 liter turbo available in the Malibu. 275 hp out of the same engine in the Camaro.

Car Wax by Crimson Shield (@crimsonshieldcarwax)
crimsonshieldcarwax09.03.2018 11:49:04


Marisa (@maureemcm)
maureemcm09.03.2018 11:51:20


misteris (@misteris)
misteris09.03.2018 11:53:28


Silas Passos (@silaspassos)
silaspassos09.03.2018 11:57:17

@misteris  vi varios nos eua, mas ainda acho que está me atrás do fusion, não adianta voltar ao Brasil, pq vai tomar pau

Ali Koraee (@ali_koraee)
ali_koraee09.03.2018 12:04:14


Lorenz Taylor (@lorenztaylor)
lorenztaylor09.03.2018 12:11:34

@illuminatiempire666  is there free coffee?

misteris (@misteris)
misteris09.03.2018 12:13:06

@silaspassos  kkkkkkk

Zay Yar Lynn (@zay_yar_lynn)
zay_yar_lynn09.03.2018 12:15:07

My favourite car

هرگزپشت‌سر‌نگاه‌نکن‌گرفتارمیشی (@daneshfatahi2733)
daneshfatahi273309.03.2018 12:15:53


jorge m. heredia fulcar (@jorgem.heredia)
jorgem.heredia09.03.2018 12:15:56

Tremendo sedandote

⚓️ (@dwdoubleu)
dwdoubleu09.03.2018 12:16:55

@levimitchellmt  Mine is too and with a manual.. so

Ashish Rathee (@r___ash)
r___ash09.03.2018 12:17:21

It’s so sad why @chevrolet  wind up operations in INDIA 🙁

a_s_y (@aksaham_sy)
aksaham_sy09.03.2018 12:19:01

Nice and strong

Levi Mitchell (@levimitchellmt)
levimitchellmt09.03.2018 12:21:42

@dwdoubleu  I was talking more about the size of the car.. I do miss having a manual transmission though.

Nicole Pegram (@nicole.pegram)
nicole.pegram09.03.2018 12:22:54

My car ♥️ But mine is in autumn bronze

Prince 👑 (@alibek_dobriy)
alibek_dobriy09.03.2018 12:26:01


Michael Groves (@michaelwgroves)
michaelwgroves09.03.2018 12:27:25

@chevrolet  in the Virgin Islands?

Dustin Walker (@dustin__walker)
dustin__walker09.03.2018 12:31:23

@lorenztaylor  lol

于鴻 黃 (@hugramhuang)
hugramhuang09.03.2018 12:39:19

@andy_hung1992  懷念嗎

Eric Schultz (@e_schultz_34)
e_schultz_3409.03.2018 12:41:14

A new 2018 V6 Camry is faster, more reliable, better looking and most important more American made in Georgetown KY. Do not be foolish and tricked. Buy a Camry.

Adem (@kuscuadem90)
kuscuadem9009.03.2018 12:41:39


Tomas Novoa (@tomi_novoa)
tomi_novoa09.03.2018 12:41:49

@materosso  este es el chevrolet que compite con el mondeo

▂▄▓  TERMINATOR  ▓▄▂ (@terminator5888)
terminator588809.03.2018 12:41:49


Adem (@kuscuadem90)
kuscuadem9009.03.2018 12:42:25

Türkiyede görmek istiyoruz artık.

Копалин Валерий (@kopalin_valeriy)
kopalin_valeriy09.03.2018 12:43:34

Что за красавец)) Unbeliveble !!!

⚓️ (@dwdoubleu)
dwdoubleu09.03.2018 12:48:50

@levimitchellmt  gotcha!!

Cody (@colellac102)
colellac10209.03.2018 12:51:57

@e_schultz_34  you do know the Malibu is made in Kansas, right?

akyıldızprotonbayi (@akyildizotomotiv)
akyildizotomotiv09.03.2018 12:52:20

YilmazAjyildiz Bursa 👍

Almedin Dino Dzamastagic (@almedin_jammas)
almedin_jammas09.03.2018 12:58:00

@eminica  babe...me, you, chevy Malibu and the Malibu coast 😍😍😍😍

Julian Uribarri (@julianuribarri)
julianuribarri09.03.2018 13:03:14

Traiganlo a la Argentina 😍

Kyle Colling (@kyle_munster)
kyle_munster09.03.2018 13:16:26

Good looking??

♛ ℕeeno 💸 ™ (@moneyyoverall)
moneyyoverall09.03.2018 13:21:11

@kyle_munster  yes boi lol

👑RAMiNHOOD👑 (@raminnasseri_)
raminnasseri_09.03.2018 13:38:47

How beautiful 👍

JoAnne (@havanajj)
havanajj09.03.2018 13:44:52

That's my girl 💙

N i e l l e (@nielle._)
nielle._09.03.2018 13:52:02

@eduardolyrio  que máquina!

Muhammed Ali Türkmen (@muhammedalitrkmn)
muhammedalitrkmn09.03.2018 13:59:01

come to turkey

Bruno Machado (@machadobruno1981)
machadobruno198109.03.2018 14:15:29


siroos_bagherieh09.03.2018 14:17:37

من عاشق این ماشینم ولی حیف تو ایران ورودش ممنوعه!!!!!!

Deniz Yurdagül (@denizpaco44)
denizpaco4409.03.2018 14:26:12


michael.tijara09.03.2018 14:29:35


Iman (@imanrafati587)
imanrafati58709.03.2018 15:03:02

Pls , come back to Iran

John M (@68chargerjohn)
68chargerjohn09.03.2018 15:07:26

@e_schultz_34  not faster. A 2.0T Malibu is tied with the new Accord for fastest in this class.

Andy (@andy_hung1992)
andy_hung199209.03.2018 15:17:03

@hugramhuang  還好 哈哈

KAZIM HOPA (@k.hopa)
k.hopa09.03.2018 15:20:51

Come to Türkiye please

saeed (@aghamiri.644)
aghamiri.64409.03.2018 15:32:06

شورولت عالی

Aleksa Srdanović (@ma_jeri)
ma_jeri09.03.2018 15:32:11

to me it doesn't look bad but a bit strange instead

saber007 (@saberhamzehee)
saberhamzehee09.03.2018 15:47:07

این عالیه 👍👍👍👍👍

alialhmadi309.03.2018 16:01:17


Tony Italia (@tonyita555)
tonyita55509.03.2018 16:09:18

Wow bring that to Australia and make the the new Holden commodore not that crape that has just arrived

Francisco Ferreira (@franciscobell14)
franciscobell1409.03.2018 16:10:18

algún día lo venderan en chile

RumShakers (@rumshakers.llc)
rumshakers.llc09.03.2018 16:14:41

RumShakers Riddle of the Day: There was this competition where the contestants had to hold 'something'. At the end of the event, the winner was a person who was physically disabled (he had no hands and no any feet)! What was that 'something'? If you think you know the answer or would like the answer, go to @rumshakers.llc  See if you're are correct.

Rock.&.Metal♡ (@music_metal.rock)
music_metal.rock09.03.2018 16:24:34

Nice car♥

marcogalvezg09.03.2018 17:25:23

Follow @ducatimotor 

christee 😎 (@ctroutman)
ctroutman09.03.2018 17:29:15

What about the Chevy Impala??

Eric Schultz (@e_schultz_34)
e_schultz_3409.03.2018 17:44:31

@colellac102  GM makes garbage with as many imported parts as possible to save $$

Eric Schultz (@e_schultz_34)
e_schultz_3409.03.2018 17:51:46

@68chargerjohn  V6 Camry has 301 hp O 60 5.8 seconds. Malibu 2.0T 250 Hp O 60 6.2. The Accord is 5.7. You work for Chevy you liar.

Cody (@colellac102)
colellac10209.03.2018 17:53:37

@e_schultz_34  if you dislike GM so much why are you following and commenting on their stuff? I feel like you work for Toyota 😂

Eric Schultz (@e_schultz_34)
e_schultz_3409.03.2018 17:56:12

@colellac102  I respect almost everything except GM. GM does not care about you or your family. They just want to screw you.

mehrdad rahimkhani (@rahimkhanimehrdad)
rahimkhanimehrdad09.03.2018 17:57:32

It's very beutiful

Cody (@colellac102)
colellac10209.03.2018 17:57:50

@e_schultz_34  and what are you basing that on?

José Miguel Maravilla García (@josephmgarcia)
josephmgarcia09.03.2018 18:08:52

Comprate ese ya @rodrigomt12 

Eric Schultz (@e_schultz_34)
e_schultz_3409.03.2018 18:13:39

@colellac102  brakes on Malibu. Calipers made in Australia. Pads made in USA and rotors from China. Camry entire brake system made by Advics in USA.

George Barroso (@george_barroso)
george_barroso09.03.2018 18:14:56

What a Shame! There isn't in Brazil anymore!

John M (@68chargerjohn)
68chargerjohn09.03.2018 18:16:09

Motor trend. 0 to 60 5.7. 14.3 @99  mph in the quarter. Do your homework amateur.

Erick Coimbra (@erickocoimbra)
erickocoimbra09.03.2018 18:20:14


Cody (@colellac102)
colellac10209.03.2018 18:21:30

@68chargerjohn  nobody that cares an iota about performance buys a Camry, I drove one for 3 years and it was less exciting than a skateboard on wheels

Sherif Sorour (@sherif_sorour)
sherif_sorour09.03.2018 18:33:00


Rodrigo Moreno (@rodrigomt12)
rodrigomt1209.03.2018 18:57:33

@josephmgarcia  Uffffffff está hermoso ese cabron 😍😍😍

Fidel (@fidel.riveraa)
fidel.riveraa09.03.2018 19:04:04

Mi fav❤

Victor Olvera;D (@victor_olvera114)
victor_olvera11409.03.2018 19:05:02


Mehrdad Salabaty (@mehrdadsalabaty)
mehrdadsalabaty09.03.2018 19:16:12


Michael A. Fahrney (@michael_fahrney)
michael_fahrney09.03.2018 19:30:00


Luis Mendez (@luismendez9848)
luismendez984809.03.2018 19:37:00

chevrolet a la vanguardia

Arik Alam (@a.rick18)
a.rick1809.03.2018 19:37:02

Is this coming to the Australian market?

Camilo Carcamo (@camilocarcamo_)
camilocarcamo_09.03.2018 19:39:24

Onix fase 2? Hermoso auto.

Gisell Cera Murillo (@gisellceramurillo)
gisellceramurillo09.03.2018 19:44:23

My husband bought a Spark GT zero kilometers and 8 months after having it, he had an accident in which the vehicle was given a total loss. This was the big impact that divided the eyelid into two parts and the saddest thing was that the airbag did not come off. .. and that's why my husband had a bad experience with his brand and we have all the evidence ... So we do not recommend it ... I'm sorry

Jackson Wilker Silva Duarte (@jacksonwilkersilva.12)
jacksonwilkersilva.1209.03.2018 19:51:54


Carson Michael long (@carsontheminer)
carsontheminer09.03.2018 20:03:12

We bought one recently

smader09.03.2018 20:49:48

Love mine!

Jake Straub (@jmstraubgamer)
jmstraubgamer09.03.2018 20:52:57

Don't you mean for the one who wants to melt piston heads and replace connecting rods. Heard nothing but horrible stories from a chevy dealer mechanics about these cars and he normally likes chevy products.

❤️Sabrina❤ (@brea299)
brea29909.03.2018 21:37:05

I have that

DAELH (@daelh_)
daelh_09.03.2018 21:53:23

Mateus Mangieri (@mateusmangieri)
mateusmangieri09.03.2018 21:58:46


Jose Gauna. (@josegaunalugo)
josegaunalugo09.03.2018 22:22:51

Algún día lo tendré :'v

Jackson Quackson (@nonfatjoker288)
nonfatjoker28809.03.2018 22:24:04


polly357mag09.03.2018 22:24:08

get the 2.0 turbocharged premier model

Jackson Quackson (@nonfatjoker288)
nonfatjoker28809.03.2018 22:24:14

Damn im salty today

harun yilmaz (@harunyilmaz3923)
harunyilmaz392309.03.2018 23:32:09


HamidReza (@kevy1987)
kevy198710.03.2018 00:24:49

Uniq design

Josué Borges (@josue.borges.5)
josue.borges.510.03.2018 00:53:48


Tatiana Forti (@tatianaforti)
tatianaforti10.03.2018 00:55:39

@josue.borges.5  que Divino

Jαvαd nικjoo (@javadnikjoo)
javadnikjoo10.03.2018 01:26:40


togomori (@942.17.w)
942.17.w10.03.2018 01:52:03


Shaikha Alnashmi (@s__alnashmi)
s__alnashmi10.03.2018 02:04:43

Awesome 😍😍😍😍👏🏻

Aneta Sasiela 🎀 21 (@svmmertastic)
svmmertastic10.03.2018 02:38:26


Johny  Martinez (@thelostangel13)
thelostangel1310.03.2018 02:42:05

Got the impala

Johnprabu (@johnprabu.e)
johnprabu.e10.03.2018 03:27:35

Mirror of road⚡🔥⚡🔥⚡

M.reza (@m.reza6993)
m.reza699310.03.2018 03:43:38


Dylan Harnett (@dylan_harnett_)
dylan_harnett_10.03.2018 04:27:33

The badge looks out of place. I should go higher up

persian_carir10.03.2018 04:38:35


David Wall (@mechatech806)
mechatech80610.03.2018 04:43:45

Not as good looking as a Chevy SS.

masoud ahmadi (@masoudahmadi6377)
masoudahmadi637710.03.2018 05:03:32

Wow very nice car 😍

Aakash Hande (@aakash_hande)
aakash_hande10.03.2018 05:24:11

What is model name

Audrey Annette Page (@annettepage1)
annettepage110.03.2018 06:03:13

Thats my car!

Shakil hostage (@shakil_hostage)
shakil_hostage10.03.2018 06:14:40

my love

Sherine Sorour (@sherinesorour)
sherinesorour10.03.2018 07:10:22

@sherif_sorour  😍😍😍

Nagasundar 🆎™ (@nagasundar_ab)
nagasundar_ab10.03.2018 07:15:07


Maureen Labbate (@melabbate)
melabbate10.03.2018 07:42:41

Love my 2017 Malibu.

Suresh Kumar (@sureshkito)
sureshkito10.03.2018 08:21:04

Why not replace CARS by iPods inside Cities? Use same technology to produce iPods instead of cars .Why a car of 1500 kg instead of an electric pods of 200 kg ?Reduce Pollution & Congestion & Save Energy https://t.co/uXHHoXkaPp

Car Finds (@car_finds)
car_finds10.03.2018 10:30:59


Manel Blanch Cardona (@blanchcardona)
blanchcardona10.03.2018 11:57:50

😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

Muzaffer Kiriş (@muzaffer0534)
muzaffer053410.03.2018 13:54:41

Chevrolet TÜRKİYE'de görmek istiyoruz.

Best-Super Cars-Fast Cars (@bestluxcarsw)
bestluxcarsw10.03.2018 16:08:45


Nick Bergmans (@nick.bergmans)
nick.bergmans10.03.2018 17:36:53

Pls being them back to Europe

3li (@3li1410)
3li141010.03.2018 19:15:59

سمعت انهم بجيبوها لي هديه 😇

Ale Díaz (@alejandrodl99_)
alejandrodl99_10.03.2018 19:16:24

@falidiaz  Nuevo destino🌊💧

Go Fishing 🎣! (@fabiocortez12)
fabiocortez1210.03.2018 19:51:49


👊Saksham chandel💪 (@chandel.saksham)
chandel.saksham11.03.2018 00:32:20


carspotter24411.03.2018 01:37:52

Nice chervolet

Whip Game NASTY (@whipgamenasty)
whipgamenasty11.03.2018 08:07:40


🌼🌷🌞💐⏳📚💜🙃 (@vivianpilger)
vivianpilger11.03.2018 09:31:06

@evelyndalmina  olha um dos Malibus da nossa vida!

Michael Morrison (@mikey4728)
mikey472811.03.2018 10:13:37

@aakash_hande  Chevrolet Malibu

Santosh Kanojiya (@sweet_kanu_)
sweet_kanu_11.03.2018 10:27:13


Truck Feed (@trucksaddictionz)
trucksaddictionz11.03.2018 21:19:46

Buckle up and follow my account for cool trucks!

Onur BAŞKURT (@onurrbaskurttt)
onurrbaskurttt12.03.2018 04:51:26

Hello there. I live in turkey. I have a 2012 model chevrolet cruze lt plus. I love my automobile too. But now you do not do as Chevrolet sales in turkey. I am excitedly waiting for your brand to resell our country. Have re-selling Chevrolet turkey as your future plans? If you return I will get a new chevrolet immediately. Respect and love.

Emma Yochum (@show_cow_girl_07)
show_cow_girl_0712.03.2018 08:21:57

Can you post more truck pictures

Emma Yochum (@show_cow_girl_07)
show_cow_girl_0712.03.2018 08:23:09

We have a Chevy truck,Malibu, and thothe

عطور المركز الفرنسي (@perfumes2013)
perfumes201312.03.2018 09:15:00

Chevy 💪💪💪💪full of Reliability

Toheed Haider (@toheed_haider)
toheed_haider12.03.2018 09:48:03


438 (@michael_turcot)
michael_turcot12.03.2018 10:26:46

Perfectly describes a Ford👌

Yash (@king_blay_de_alpha)
king_blay_de_alpha13.03.2018 12:39:58

Please,i want to join you guys..Am in Ghana..

Evelyn Dalmina (@evelyndalmina)
evelyndalmina13.03.2018 17:23:50

@vivianpilger  😻😻 meninaaaaa... sei nem o q falar só sentir hahahah

》MOSI 🌍🛰 (@mostafamahdavifard)
mostafamahdavifard13.03.2018 18:20:07

Man u 💪💪💪

🏁Muscle Car Mayhem🏁 (@8cylinders4life)
8cylinders4life13.03.2018 19:36:14

Check out my latest post!!!!

www.Bombinhas.org⚫⏺️ (@bombinhasbrasil)
bombinhasbrasil13.03.2018 19:38:21


Fernando Serna (@sernaaa_5)
sernaaa_514.03.2018 04:17:22

I am going to buy one next month 😁

dwayneforyou (@dwayneforyou)
dwayneforyou16.03.2018 04:42:26

I'd rather drive a Camry. Better quality.

togomori (@942.17.w)
942.17.w16.03.2018 15:22:08

My dream is to get malibu😍💔 Can chevrolet company give me malibu as gift I will never forget that for rest of my life ❤️😢

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